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2024 Turin travel FAQs

Happy New Year from Turin, amici 🎊 2024 is an 8 year (2+2+4) meaning: the infinite and whether Turin is already in your plans or not, well... we do hope to see you here to experience our infinite cool things 😎

Via Po near the University of Turin since 1404

In this view, we're sharing some recommendations on how to more proficiently visualize and plan your 2024 travel to Turin and Piedmont. 

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1. How many days should you consider spending in Turin?

As you'll soon discover, Turin is a rather large city with PLENTY of cool things to see, do, eat and drink. 2 days only just won't do it, guys. 

Estimate a minimum of 5 days to avoid any regrets, or 7-8 days if you are planning day trips to the Alps, to a couple wine districts, the lakes or other nearby cities like Vercelli (for the rice paddies and rice).

Galleria Umberto I by the Porta Palazzo market

2. Moving around

In Piedmont, you can reach most places by train but be ware: there are some locations where you'll need a car or to arrange for a driver: Lake Maggiore with its villas and gardens, glam Lake Orta, the cashmere hub, as well as other mountain and wine destinations, do require a car because there is no railroad, or you need to connect and it takes longer.

In the Turin downtown you'll be able to walk virtually everywhere and can reach different places easily by subway too.

3. How to reach Turin

If you are coming from outside of Italy, fly into our well connected airport: Turin airport TRN.

Check your connection in London Heathrow (BA), Munich and Frankfurt (LH), Paris CDG (AF), Amsterdam (KLM), Madrid (IB and Ryan Air as well as) Dublin, Stockholm among the many airports with flights to Turin.

TRN airport is about 30min driving from downtown Turin and starting on Jan 20th 2024 every 30min it is connected to the Torino Porta Susa train station (subway stop too) for 3.60e.

If you are traveling from within Italy, the train will leave you downtown in one of the 2 main train stations both with a convenient subway stop. Or you can naturally drive over.

Finally, you can also choose to land in Milan MXP and get the bus over, but if you need to connect somewhere... save yourselves the hassle and just land in Turin.

Farmacia Regia: 'just one' of our MANY historical pharmacies in Turin

4. Tourist traps

Despite the plethora of national Italian brands and symbols that originated in Turin and Piedmont, this corner of Italy is still pretty much under the radar of the international tourist crowds. Most of our tourists here are Italian and they majorly come over on November 1st, for the Easter week-end and for the International Book Fair in May.

In Turin and Piedmont, you won't find a place serving pasta Alfredo, instead be ready to taste all our traditional local foods (traditional menu, pastries, chocolate, vermouth, martini, bicerin and gelato) and to be amazed by how our local extremely high quality food and wine are affordable 😇

Our quality-price-ratio applies to everything: we just don't have low quality and cheap things. You def get what you pay for and even more here in Piedmont: Burgundy of Italy, white truffle hub of the world, cashmere hub of continental Europe, royal chocolate supplier since the late 1600s and the MoTown of Italy as it is its industrial beating heart thanks to FIAT (that T is for Turin).

Turin is the capital of Piedmont and as such it has an elevated taste for good things.

Cheap and low don't belong here which is why we don't traditionally cook offal, our local beef doesn't have any fat (all grass fed) and the keen attention to detail we all have here birthed big Italian symbols like Bianchi bicycle, Borsalino hats and world renowned jewelry fair in Valenza Po, where all the big jewelry designers buy their gems and hire our local goldsmiths.

Giordano's: 'just one' of our chocolate boutiques in Turin

5. What to expect

If your idea of Italy is Rome, Naples or Sicily, simply put: expect Switzerland 😂

Turin is a nice mix of New York City, Paris, Chicago and Vienna with an Italian twist. 

Visualize the Manhattan map with wide Parisian avenues sided by trees, bull green fountains where you can refill your bottles, elegant Art Nouveau hoods, many piazzas of all sizes, royal cafés and pharmacies.

Piedmont as a region offers 3 different landscapes: the cities, the hills with / without the lakes and the Alps. Everywhere you'll still see the original structure of the towns or villages and the main buildings from the 1700s and 1800s. This is an area of castles and painting-like atmospheres.

The weather changes every month, so please, double check the forecasts before both planning and packing. 

Climate change is a real thing here too where the summer vintage starts earlier and earlier due to the heatwaves but mid-August can sometimes be exceptionally rainy and chilly. Lately, summer temps extend to mid October when the rains and humidity start.

As a region, Piedmont is a foggy area in the cold months and people are used to it.

Our local snow season in the Alps is usually December to March however, Turin usually gets snow once every few years only, while the wine district hills do get snow and rain.

Seize the time amici!

Turin's symbol Mole Antonelliana: National Cinema Museum

After being locked down for COVID19 and before mass tourism finds out about Turin and Piedmont, plan your visit and enjoy our vida royal!

Lucia can easily help you plan and show you around like an old-time friend!

Should you come scouting to move over, this is one of the best areas in the world to call home and Lucia can also help you in your transition with both Italian language classes, Italian cultural sessions and practical workshops customized on your personal needs and concerning all the details of your life in Italy (legal documents, legal processes, healthcare, housing, bills, renovations, real estate, bank and more).

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