Monday, May 25, 2020

life with covid19

At the end of this May 2020, everything in Italy has reopened except for the museums, the theaters and the movie theaters that will reopen on June 3rd.
As for the schools... nobody knows yet, but more and more teachers and parents are protesting to resume the school in September because the Italian long distance learning system isn't working at all, many students are left behind or drop out of school, many teachers left their books at school (!) and naturally such books don't come with ancillary materials online. No, don't make me write about the teachers who ask their students to text them the pictures of their notebooks 😖

the very first spritz in Piazza Vittorio on May 23

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

turinepi20 with covid19

As we are approaching the 7th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital, it is clear that most of our guests will be stuck in their own countries faraway from Turin but... others living in Italy or Europe though, might actually love to come over and have a taste of a regular trip away from their lock down memories.

TurinEpi19: (left to right) Christina Conte, Jan Egan, Cynthia McCloud Woodman, Benedetta 
Oggero and Reine Bouton enjoying one of the TurinEpi lunches literally al fresco of the Turin's 
arches despite the scorching 44C-111F