Vida Royal

Welcome to Turin and Piedmont = THE heavenly gates of Italy 😎


To share our royal life through your senses, please, e-mail: 

The epicurean, the hedonist, the royal, the professional, the amateur, the green heart and the local way is our way to:
  • cook, eat and drink 
  • look, touch, smell, try on and buy 
  • see, listen and play 
  • cycle, hike, breathe and recharge 
  • take pictures, paint and draw 
  • speak, think, move and live like a resident 

in collaboration with our:
  • arts, artisans, artists, designers
  • time and place stargates
  • mindfulness 
  • insiders' perspective and expertise

For just a couple hours to a whole year - and everything between - treat yourselves Turin, Piedmont and our royal vida.


Amateurs, professionals, private groups, wear our crown and you'll all come back for more 🙌 

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