Interested in taking part to our online vinyasa yoga, yogalates, pilates classes?

E-mail Lucia: turinepi@gmail.com to reserve your online private wherever you are in the world, or in Turin.

Our online 60min. group classes welcome all levels and are 10€/person, payment via paypal at least one day before class.

More days/hours available upon request for small groups and one to one classes. Prices vary according to the length of the classes: 30, 60 or 90 minutes. 

All our mindfulness classes are taught in English or Italian for extra practice and are small space friendly.
On the turinepi youtube channel you will find some of our sample yoga, yogalates and pilates videos.

In Turin, mindfulness is our way of life because as born epicureans, we feel the need to nourish both our bodies and souls.
Our mission is to cuddle our bodies involving and freeing our minds. This practice refreshes our general system, and allows us to make the most of our earthly experiences.
During our practice, we surrender our worries, tensions, and benefit fully from our daily experiences: our appreciation of food and wine is enhanced, our palate's sensitivity is amplified, our internal organs enjoy a relaxing massage and our muscles can be released after being nicely stretched.

With the regular practice, the quality of our life improves dramatically and you can practice with us online too, wherever you are!

This is our mission when sharing our power vinyasa yoga, pilates and yogalates classes with you.
Pre/post natal classes are available too as well as for individuals with limited range of motion.

In Turin, our classes:
  • are taught in English or Italian
  • can last 60 or 90 minute 
  • can take place: in the convenience of your hotel's gym, apartment/firm whenever along the subway line, or at our location in Turin's downtown

If you take a walking or shopping tour, a cooking class or any of our epicurean experiences with us, we can easily include a guided meditation for you to relive all the moments you enjoyed in Turin the most.

For reservations, please e-mail Lucia: turinepi@gmail.com

We are looking forward to meeting you soon 🙏

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