Wednesday, February 23, 2022

fat week 2022

Happy settimana grassa or fat week dear amici 🎉 This is the week that leads to Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday and the end of the Carnival celebrations in the Roman Catholic countries.
So, we have to take advantage of our culinary seasonal specialties that are basically a giant keto diet before detoxing for the 40 days of Lent 😓

Many of you have been asking about the situation these days and what we are forecasting. Let us remind you that even if Lucia is a Turin insider, she is not a secret agent yet. As a piscean, she does have a strong 6th sense but helas, her powers are limited (she didn't attend Hogwarts... just the Turin University and the OSU) and she doesn't own a crystal ball 😖 ... yet!

This is what we know up to February 22nd 2022.

Our covid19 infections are still quite high, our RT rate is 9.9% but hospitalizations are going down. The booster and children campaigns weren't as successful in Italy but by March 1st we are starting the 4th shot for the immunocompromised. As for the 4th shot for the regular population, we don't have an official press release by the government yet. However, our army general who is in charge of the logistics said today they think it will be in the Fall, maybe starting on late September.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

SS. Trinità church

The Santissima Trinità church in Turin is located in central Via Garibaldi, at the corner with Via XX Settembre, towards Piazza Castello.