Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Artist club

Turin is a treasure chest full of unique secret places that will always amaze you! To be honest, most of these gems are unknown to many locals too and are far too often disregarded... So today we are bringing you to the Turin's Artist Club or Circolo Degli Artisti.

Circolo degli Artisti e Circolo dei Lettori (different floors)

This is one of the oldest artist clubs in Italy founded in 1847 by a group of artists who wanted to meet regularly to contribute to the growth of literature and arts. Over the years, this club moved to different locations but when it reached 779 members in 1858, it moved to Via Bogino 9, in the 17the century Palazzo  Granieri della Roccia that hosted it till 2018. Today, you can still enjoy an elegant lunch or dinner and visit the Club's library in the Circolo degli Artisti's old headquarters.