Thursday, May 26, 2016

TurinEpi 2016 countdown

The third edition of Turin Epicurean Capital is coming up in less than a month!

Like in the past editions, it will take place in Turin the only Italian city that made it to the New York Times 52 places to visit in 2016!
As we would like to share our city and region with you together with our food, wine culture and way of life, Turin Epicurean Capital is a bilingual event and everybody is welcome to the morning round tables. 

On June 22nd, 23rd and 24th at 11am in Teatro San Giuseppe in the Turin's La Salle campus, food and travel bloggers, authors, culinary and tourism professionals coming from all over the world will share their views and experience about food.

You can have a look at the 2016 guests on this link.

After each round table, our guests will enjoy Turin's the food and wine scene, enjoying our coffee shops, gelato, restaurants and bars!

On Thursday, June 23rd there will be a cooking class at ACT - the oldest Italian culinary professionals' association taught by teas and spices experts Patrizia Nobile and Giuliana Ferrero of Tasting Life - the teas and spices boutique in Via Monte di Pieta', right downtown Turin.
The cooking class participants will learn about the benefits of spices and how to incorporate them into authentic Italian dishes.

Turin Epicurean Capital 2016 will end on June 24th and we'll take advantage of the St John's celebrations! St John is the patron saint of Turin and every year a gorgeous parade in historical costumes is organized through the central streets of the city.
Then the evening starts with a bonfire and it ends on the Po River, near Piazza Vittorio with colorful fireworks!

according to where the bull falls we'll know how the year will end!

This will be an extra special occasion to visit Turin and enjoy our dolce vita!

Turin Epicurean Capital 2016 will be made possible thanks to:

Brother Alfredo, director of La Salle Collegio San Giuseppe for hosting and supporting us

Mr Roberto Anino, Federalberghi Torino for his support and special help with our partner hotels

Mr Fabio Borio director of Best Western Hotel Genova for hosting some of our guests

Mrs Cecilia Garetto director of Best Western Hotel Genio for hosting some of our guests

Mr Lamberto Guerrer, president of Associazione Cuochi Torino and strong supporter of our event

Mrs Patrizia Nobile and Ms Giuliana Ferrero of Tasting Life for their gentle collaboration

Mrs Simonetta Carbone of Piedmonte Data Stampa for her constant support and encouragement

Friday, May 20, 2016

Museums to see in Turin

Through the centuries Turin has always been one of the main centers where creative minds, intellectuals and innovators converged to. Maybe because of its clean 18th century architecture and polished elegance, the average Turin resident is generally quite into arts and always on the look for mental stimulation, literally of any kind. 
So, it makes sense that Turin hosts many unique museums with incredible large collections you won't find in any other city! 

These are the top 5 musuems you can't miss out on your first visit to Turin!

Friday, May 13, 2016

6 wine shops in Turin

All wine lovers of the world! The first Italian word - after vino or wine, of course! - you must learn in Italian is: enoteca or wine shop ;)

Because we are always asked for wine shop recommendations, finally here you have our enoteca list. 
Many grocery stores all around Italy sell some good wines, some chains, especially the downtown branches in Turin, also have small winery ones, but if you are looking for some special boutique wines, then just go to one of the following places where we shop ourselves :D

Friday, May 6, 2016

5 gelaterias in Turin

Our daily gelato consumption is following the rising temperatures these days. To be honest in Turin, we have access to amazingly creamy gelatos and the four seasons aren't really a limit to our gelato cravings, in fact, we have gelato - read: a ton of gelato, all year round.
However, we must admit that when the weather gets warmer we can have more than one gelato a day...
So here follows a list of our top 5 favorite gelato places in Turin!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Valentino Park

Valentino Park = Turin's Central Park.

Medieval village inside the Valentino park in January

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Ulderica Masoni a bijoux aficionada

Ulderica with Hermione and Gigi, her Chihuahua furkids
Back in November 2014, right before the Sar.To presentation, our friend Marcello Oliviero of the Maison Walter Dang, kindly introduced us to Ulderica Masoni THE luxury fashion authority in Turin!

As it is appropriate for a fashion expert, Ulderica wears many hats, one at the time and always with great style, thanks to her modelling experience. She's also very knowledgeable about fashion, design, art and history and owns a degree in law! 
Among her many activities, she is also the author of a luxury fashion blog written in Italian: Hermy & Mom and of the related SoMe accounts like Twitter, however, it is through Instagram and Facebook that you can enjoy her beautiful pictures even if you can't read Italian!

Ulderica is originally from Vercelli the rice town of Italy. She has always had a natural flare for fashion but her real love was the jewelry and in particular: earrings!
When she was 15, she got into "Lui Lei" - an accessories shop that sold the trendiest brands like Moschino (when Mr Moschino was still alive ;( ), Sharra Pagano and Ugo Correani. She had meant to buy a single pair of earrings and, like an Alice in the fashion Wonderland, that's when her career really started. That day she met the shop owner, who had had a career in fashion, and who gave Ulderica the opportunity to start working as a model too, to get to know the fashion world first hand, and to get to know the key people in the business.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Food Parade in Mondovicino

All foodies, Piedmont visitors and residents, mark your calendars!

On April 22-25 and April 29-May 1 at the Mondovicino outlet near Turin there will be Food Parade a special event entirely devoted to street food, cooking shows, charities and with the collaboration of the local HTM high school whose students will take part to a cooking contest.

In Italy we'll be enjoying 2 long week-ends which make it just the perfect occasion to spend some time savoring the most traditional street food coming from all over the boot, free concerts, free educational labs for kids and aperitifs!