Friday, February 19, 2016

Piedmont chocolate world wide

We always take pride in our chocolate but today, we want to show you where you can actually savor a piece of Piedmont chocolate everywhere you'll go in the world!
Many famous Italian brands are from our region however, Ferrero is truly the most cherished one <3 Why? Because of the products that made it famous in so many countries!

Ferrero (currently the 3rd largest confectionery company in the world!) was born as a family company in 1946 in Alba - the white truffle hub and since then, it has expanded and it has strived to create high quality industrial products. 
Mr Michele Ferrero always launched new products after long research months and trials; he was a high achiever and aimed to the best combination of flavor, texture and consumer's reward feeling. He used to say that "the average housekeeper should feel like an aristocrat when savoring a Ferrero chocolate". Who doesn't feel like that when unwrapping a golden Ferrero Rocher?
Over the years the company has conquered the world market and different niches for different products from Nutella to TicTac.

As each country has its favorite, let's have a look at the most popular Ferrero products - the most democratic Piedmont ambassadors, as they were created in Piedmont, with custom designed equipment and local products (at least in the original recipe).

1. Colorful and flavorful TicTac are a top seller in North America. They come in convenient tiny plastic boxes that can be recycled as containers for pills or beads!
They come in many flavors and each box can fit 41 candies. They are so good even the minions can't resist them :D

2. Gold wrapped Rocher are a favorite in many Asian countries from India to China, even Pierce Brosnan and Joan Chen offered them in their movies. After all who wouldn't be feeling wealthy, lucky and noble while chewing through the crisp wafer to reach the perfectly round hazelnut covered in Nutella?

3. Nutella is the most famous Italian chocolate spread, that's it. As you can see from this Japanese commercial, it is advisable to eat it by the spoon, especially when you need an extra boost to do your homework, study for exams, or finish a report. It'll also make you instantly happier, yet we want to remind you all to consume it with moderation :D
And yes, once again, Nutella is from Piedmont, not Germany ;)

4. The kinder chocolate family: these are many different products from Kinder eggs with their surprises that aren't allowed in the US, Kinder chocolate bars that all Europeans grew up with, to cereal filled Kinder Country (Kinder Cereali in Italy). We like to say these are small bites of happiness, a ray of sun in a rainy day of busy work.

5. Raffaello is the top seller in Russia and Eastern European countries!! A white chocolate and coconut seduction, almost the white version of the Rocher. No wonder the Russian commercial feels as romantic as War and Peace :)

6. Mon Cheri, the first chocolate that made Ferrero an international company and for sure, a favorite of all those who can get their hands on it because of its cherry heart immersed in liqueur and covered in bittersweet chocolate! We can't even imagine how it can't be available in some countries :(

Country you go, Ferrero product you'll find and with it a piece of Piedmont. As for us, we always stock an extra jar of Nutella for all emergencies and crisis. Life is short... and we aren't cats :D

And you? What is your favorite Piedmont piece?

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