online edition

Dear friends,

2022 marks the 9th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital! 

Just like the world has changed since 2014 - and you'll agree it does feel like a lifetime ago! - when we started, so our format has changed too. This 9th edition will be on our You Tube channel and spread out over more months so that we can share with you some special local friends!

You can already enjoy our interview to Ms Jyothi Aimino founder, owner and manager of L'ERM winery in the Canavese wine district, here in Piedmont.

For the English version click here

For the Italian version click here

We would like to dedicate this 9th edition to Ukraine 🌻💙 and its strong people, those who never left, as well as those who are still out of the country and those who have been going back. The world is with you: Slava Ukraini!

Just like in 2020 and 2021, check out daily our online accounts:





so you can enjoy this 9th edition in real time as it gets online and you can go back to it whenever you feel like it. 
Stay tuned because, new cool people and their stories are being part of this 2022 Edition 😎

Any season is good to come over to Turin, Piedmont and enjoy our vida royal 👑

Take advantage when you are in town, add an experiential tour with us with tastings and privates. And if you can't travel over, our private classes are available online too!