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Travel, Relocation & Business

If you are:
  • planning your travel, retire, study or work in Italy, Piedmont or Turin
  • wishing to organize an event in Italy 
  • scouting for personal or professional purposes
  • relocating or have just relocated
  • expanding your business operations over to Italy
  • looking for Italian suppliers, artisans, producers, artists, professionals to work in your area
  • a TV, film or magazine team and you need special locations and stories

we'll make Turin, Piedmont and Italy easy for you to navigate like a local!

Our consulting services, workshops and classes take place on and offline, in Turin and upon request around the world
For queries, please, email Lucia:

Our services include but aren't limited to:

A. concierge services for: 
  • travelers who wants to maximize their experiences and avoid tourist traps 
  • expats, retirees, students and professionals working/living in Italy, including all the Italian vital practical and bureaucratic steps, people and offices like: real estate (renting, buying, renovating, furnishing), legal, medical & veterinary, notary, import /export, taxes, food & wine, fashion, wellness & beauty, bank & bills, all schools and the educational system, architects, artists, designers, contractors, specialists, professionals, artisans, shopping and businesses locals know about and refer to.
our concierge services include our suggestions, contacts, addresses, insider's tips and recommendations

B. travel consultations to best plan and organize your travel, your relocation, your celebratory travel, your company expansion or travel, or to assist your clients'

C. intercultural communication workshops to avoid faux pas, cultural misunderstandings and feel confident in Italy

D. Cultural consultations to bring Italy to your home, your home to Italy and learn the Italian codes

E. we can help you find and work with the best Italian producers, professionals and suppliers for the field of your interest and in your area

F. Educational consultations to study in Italy

G. Italian language and culture induction workshops to survive a few days or weeks, live and work easily for months, to make business and for new residents. All levels, all oral and written topics, for further details click here

H. location producer and cultural expert for: TV, cinema, press, content creators, authors, photographers, all professionals and agencies looking for a special location and story

I. translations (written) 

J. interpretation (oral translations)

K. for our private classes (cooking, mindfulness, Italian) click here

L. Italian language certifications orientation, advising and training click here

We also collaborate with schools, associations, institutions, agencies and businesses of any size. 
Our consultation sessions, workshops and classes are on and offline, in Turin and upon request around the world.

For any queries, please, email Lucia:

In Turin, Piedmont and Italy: we got you covered, amici!