Friday, December 15, 2017

rice and cornmeal cookies

Whether you are busy Christmas baking or you simply enjoy making, eating and giving cookies, today we are sharing a recipe that very simply sums up Piedmont.

Piedmont is the top European rice producer, risotto is one of our staple foods so 50% of this cookies is made with rice flour. Piedmont is also famous for polenta or cornmeal which makes up to the other 50% of the ingredients. Yes, these are simply delish a gluten free cookies that sing out loud: Piedmont!

Rice paddies in the Vercelli area in April when they are flooded

Friday, December 8, 2017

Ratafia' - cherry wine liqueur

Among the many souvenirs you can buy when in Turin and Piedmont, and especially among the MANY local specialties you should try here, Ratafia' holds definitely a special place.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Epicurean week-ends

1. Read the list and count how many you know and like:

espresso, all Martini & Rossi beverages, Italian fashion, Juventus, Italian cars, Cinzano, Fiat 500, gelato on a stick (like Magnum), chocolate, Lavazza coffee, vermouth, lady fingers (cookies), lady's kisses (cookies), alpini, aperitif, Italian design, RAI tv, Cirio pasta sauce, Robe di Kappa, grissini breadsticks, risotto, arcades or porticoes, the Shroud of Turin, Salone del Gusto - Terra Madre (Slow Food), IED, panna cotta, polenta, tramways, agnolotti, tajarin, Mole Antonelliana, Italian cinema, Italian sport, Egyptology, Sandokan, brutti ma buoni (cookies)

2. If you marked at least 10 you MUST come over to Turin, home of all the things listed above 🙌

Foodies, wine lovers and lovers of all things Italian: you'll easily get hooked on Turin and will crave for more 😎