Tuesday, October 9, 2018

October in Turin

Fall is high season in Piedmont thanks to the white truffle hunt season and the international truffle fair in Alba. Also the harvest slowly moves from the white to the full-bodied red wines. But what about Turin? What do people do?

Actually, people love to be in Turin in October and November because there are endless things to do and for all kinds of budgets!

living la vidaroyal in Turin under our long km/ml fof porticoes/arcades

The top three events listed below have been taking place in Turin every October and still represent our local soul; to them, please, add the many art exhibits and all the food and wine related appointments that celebrate the harvest.
In fact, 2018 sees the opening to the public of the royal kitchens inside the Royal Palace and the downtown arcades / porticoes, shops and major museums turned into a big wine and food tasting plaza. And some Toret fountains will even be pouring wine instead of water! πŸ™†
Picture yourselves sipping locally produced wines paired with our local specialties on October 19-28 when you can stroll under the arcades/poriticoes with a glass of wine in one hand and food in the other!
After all, what image best describes Turin as an Epicurean Capital? 😎

Movement: Torino Music Festival

Turin is the Italian MO-Town thanks to its automobile industry (ever heard of FIAT 500?) but also for the love of electronic and techno music! This festival has been taking place in Turin for over a decade every October and makes of Turin a real haven for all dance lovers! 
So, this October 12-13 has a rich program of 12h parties in Lingotto, extra events, workshops and club nights all across our city.

Torino Danza Festival

Dance me to the end of Love is the title of the 2018 edition that lasts 3 months up to December 1st.
In a universal language, 18 shows, 16 theater companies coming from 8 different countries express ideas, moods, currents, dance styles, charm, poetry, music and moving shapes. If dancing is your passion, Turin is your city! This is one of those festivals that take place in theaters, castles and other unusual venues. The ticket price varies to welcome everyone and share the love for dance with all budgets.
Have a look at this year's program and if you can't make it in 2018, mark it down for 2019!

View Conference 

The world's VFX computer graphics lovers are all familiar with the Siggraph, but very few people have heard about the European sister conference happening in Turin since 2000. The View Conference has made of Turin the one of the world's centers of computer graphics and animation, virtual reality, D and 3D, computer architecture and videogames, getting to town world's premieres, production companies, renown experts and new digital technologies from all over the world! The View Conference is on October 22-26 with a program out of this world as usual😜

No matter what your interest is and what your hobbies are, Turin is always ahead of its times! Put it in your bucketlist and visit it soon before our treasure chest opens and this best-kept secret of Italy is shared by millions of tourists.

Devote 3-4 days to Turin to get to know her from within, just 1 day isn't enough and you'll be crying to be back! We are a city of many contrasts and one long royal tradition, with our vidaroyal activities and mindfulness sessions, you will enjoy our life style at its full.

Book your walking tour, cooking class, shopping session, yoga/pilates/piloga private with us: turinepi@gmail.com

Monday, October 1, 2018

Turin in September

September in Italy is when the locals go back to their lives, jobs and school, however, it is also a magic month in Turin and Piedmont. The weather is still pretty much summery, not as sultry as in July or at the beginning of August; foodies and wine lovers can enjoy the new seasonal menus and the harvest in many wineries; art and music lovers will just grab the best opportunities to visit new exhibits and attend concerts and ballets.

In fact, despite its industrial past, Turin enjoys a very vibrant cultural life with many events all year long both in the city's streets and piazzas, and in the many theaters, museums and convention centers.

On top, moving around Turin is very manageable thanks to its one line subway and it is well connected by train to get to other interesting destinations in Piedmont.

Here below there is a list of our top 5 things to do in September here so that you won't have to wonder too much and just hop over 😎

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stefania Mairano's art

Last summer our eyes caught some bright colors in a shop window. It was an ocean themed display of necklaces, pins, earrings, rings and cufflinks; some were boats, others were fish, but every piece was handmade in ceramics by Stefania Mairano.

courtesy of Stefania Mairano

Monday, September 10, 2018

Thursday, August 30, 2018

August in Turin

Before the 2008 economical crisis Turin, just like any other Italian city looked deserted, especially on August 15 or Ferragosto!

To get a better idea of what this all Italian Mid-August phenomenon is like, and especially if you love the Italian culture and language, we invite you all to watch The Mid-August Lunch:

Thursday, August 9, 2018


Without any doubt one of the Piedmont's culinay joys are our ramassin plums πŸ˜‹
These super sweet and aromatic tiny plums are native of southwest Piedmont which means you will not be able to enjoy them outside our cool region... 😎

ramassins and Alessi bird set designed in Piedmont courtesy of Valentina from Chivasso

Friday, August 3, 2018

Through Hell to Heaven!

We are happy to share with you all, amici, another guest post by Jim and Julia Dunlop who took part to Turin Epicurean Capital in 2016.
As they are deeply in love with Turin and Piedmont, they never miss any chance to visit.

To read their previous guest post, click on the links: guest post 1 about Lake Orta, guest post 2 about their experience at TurinEpi16, food and wine in Turin!