Thursday, May 16, 2024

May in Turin

 ... and in the blink of an eye it's almost summer even though in Turin and Piedmont these days it's still pretty rainy and we are still wearing sweaters and jackets. 

To understand what May does mean in Turin you will need a market our. Lucky us here, we have a daily market in every neighborhood except for Sunday. According to what you'll see on the stalls you'll know what we are cooking, eating and what to expect on our restaurant menus.

our mile long arcades are the perfect shelter

In fact, cherry season has just started and we are right in the middle of our very much longed for asparagus season. As per tradition we'll be eating cherries till June 24th or St John's Day - the patron saint of Turin. After that date we'll be enjoying ramassin plums, our tiny and sweet plums - and no, don't look for them anywhere else in Italy because they grow only in Piedmont. 
Please, mark down: ramasin gelato on your late June-July to-do-list in Turin and Piedmont.

Apricots, peaches and netcarines will appear soon too but as for now, we are still enjoying our strawberries!

All this is quite important because artisan gelato shops in Turin sell seasonal gelato and sorbet flavors besides their cream and chocolate based one. Some gelato makers, like Miretti's takes advantage of the bountiful summer fruits to stock up and prepare the starters for the winter flavors.

Miretti's has always limited ed monthly artisan flavors and popsicles

These days, when the rain gives us some respite, the locals are coming back to our piazzas, catching up with family and friends with a spritz, vermouth (Martini is from Turin!) and munchies of different nature. Pedestrian streets  are like endless terraces with bistro tables, chairs and sometimes even huge parasols just for those few sunny hours.

Looking yourselves around, scanning the palazzo faรงades, you'll get the very unordinary feeling - for an Italian city - to be in a blend of Vienna, Paris and New York vibes with an Italian twist. People here have their own sense of rigorous elegance, our architecture is rather rational too, and the urban spaces are very well distributed to create some very nonchalant 'chill out zones'.

In Turin you will not find just one trendy or young area but many - here we love to have options:

  • in Piazza Vittorio - largest European open square, near Turin's symbol Mole Antonelliana and by the River Po, where in case of showers or if it is scorching hot, our long and wide arcades will shelter you. Great cakes, teas and more here.
  • in the Roman lanes where tiny rum and vermouth bars side tarot parlors and many eateries -vegan, traditional and ethinic will sooth your cravings
  • the San Salvario hood near the Porta Nuova station, where the synagogue is located too - makes always for an edgy place, full of pubs, wine bars, small trattorias and ethnic food.

Non Italian visitors come over to Italy for the food, and rightly so. However, when in Turin, visitors are always surprised not to find the 'usual dishes' and this is simply because Northwest Italians eat other things.

no cacio e pepe, fettuccini Alfredo or tourist traps in Turin

Spring and Fall are our big seasons: the Fall ๐Ÿ‚ for the white truffles - extra $$$ because unlike black truffles, they can't be cultivated - and the Spring ๐ŸŒนfor the porcini mushrooms that spring thanks to the May (heavy) rains, and of course, our asparagus!

Risottos, raviolis, pasta dishes, breads with cured meats and our Alpine cheeses, meat dishes, fish dishes, flans, quiches and salads all include porcini and asparagus in a big feast for any foodie.

Expats visiting from other Italian cities are always amazed by our large ethnic food choices: besides Chinese and Japanese, we also have Thai, Greek, Balinese, Persian, Egyptian, Russian, Turkish, Brazilian, Armenian, Argentinian and Indian restaurants, including some fusion options!

Our restaurant scene reflects our very diverse international community and rooted historical relationship with other cultures and countries. 
And yet, we hold on tight to our traditional flavors too and this is why many chains you'll find in touristy Italian places don't last long on Turin.

Standardization and stereotypes, average quality and cheap mass productions are not Turin or Piedmont concepts. 

Instead, take your time to dress in style, wander our streets and savor all the house aperitifs. As there is no schedule for pleasure up here, feel free to order a cappuccino at any time of the day: nobody will flinch ๐Ÿ˜‰ but yes, locals will think you are an alcoholic if you sitting down at a cafรฉ, you'll order an espresso and some wine without any food to pair it with!

In Turin, do it like the locals do it: feed both your stomachs and souls, enjoy strolling around, peeking through our many independent bookshops, specialty shops, museums and pace your day with different drinks and foods.

Let our endless options allure you and soon you'll be apartment hunting here too ๐Ÿ˜… after all, there is an airport TRN connected to all the major European cities including London Heathrow (with BA), Paris (CDG), Munich & Frankfurt (with LH) and Madrid!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Olivetti the Italian Silicon Valley

If we were to ask you what Martini, Lavazza and FIAT have in common, what would you answer? And if we asked you how they are connected to Bialetti, AlessiZegna and Ferrero - think nutella and Ferrero Rocher?

Easy: Turin capital of Piedmont! 
Now imagine a company vision where the wellbeing of the workers directly translates into the highest productivity and revenues for the company itself, and you have the framework of most of our Piedmont companies and brands. 

The most famous and renowned Italian brands and symbols in the world originated by small family owned companies here in Piedmont. Martini in the late 1700s, FIAT in the late 1800s, Lavazza, Bialetti, Alessi and Ferrero in the early to mid 1900s. And their products are the results of the creativity of the company founders and their descendants.

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

The bear, the bulls and the wine fair

As the 3rd season of The Bear has just been confirmed and as the 2nd one has just won a ton of Golden Globes we want to share with you why this iconic TV series - a must-see for all food-lovers is actually also a portrait of Turin and basically how Chicago and Turin are so similar in their polar opposite identity.

La Farmacia Del Cambio, Turin

Monday, January 15, 2024

2024 Turin travel FAQs

Happy New Year from Turin, amici ๐ŸŽŠ 2024 is an 8 year (2+2+4) meaning: the infinite and whether Turin is already in your plans or not, well... we do hope to see you here to experience our infinite cool things ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Via Po near the University of Turin since 1404

Friday, December 15, 2023

Turin feeling

Happy Holidays ๐ŸŽ„from Turin and may 2024 be a lucky year ๐Ÿ€to all of you who have been following us for all these years!

the Turin Royal Palace with its little Christmas wood

Friday, November 24, 2023

Piedmont = cashmere

Cashmere, castles, chocolate and wine

Welcome to Piedmont, amici!

Amici, close your eyes and imagine a region nested in the Italian Alps with brooks and rivers of unique composition and purity. 

on a clear day you can see the Alps anywhere in Turin