Saturday, June 22, 2019

TurinEpi19: thank you

As this 6th extended edition of Turin Epicurean Capital is about to begin, we would like to take a minute to thank all the people that made it possible.

Torino 7, the Turin section of La Stampa newspaper with all the big events of the week to come

  • Br Alfredo Centra, director of the De La Salle Collegio San Giuseppe, for allowing us to use the school historic theater where our talk shows take place and the rooftop terrace for our yoga class
  • Federalberghi Torino for sharing our vision and mission
  • Mr Fabio Borio, director of Best Western Plus Hotel Genova and Ms Cecilia Garetto, director of Best Western Hotel Genio for hosting our international guests
  • Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici Vittoria in Turin for renewing our collaboration and allowing us the luxury of working with their Masters students, basically professional interpreters.

Our 2019 collaborations:

  • Alice Giordana and Silvia Cordero of Incoming Experience for designing the wine tour itinerary and guiding our TurinEpi19 wine tour through Langhe and Roero. Special thanks to Best Western Hotel Langhe Cherasco for hosting our guests in the wine country.
  • Giuliana Dorrucci of Associazione Orti in Piazza for hosting our cooking class and sharing the Piazza Risorgimento urban garden
  • Maria Grazia Mondo for teaching us her family's culinary arts and tricks  
  • Chiara Franzoso of historic Latteria Bera in Turin, for  accommodating our many requests in terms of days, times and preferences so that as many guests as possible could take advantage of her delicacies!

Thank you all, for making TurinEpi19 possible and bigger! 

Friday, May 31, 2019

TurinEpi19 wine tour

Thanks to our collaboration with Incoming Experience, the sixth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital is extended and will last 6 days instead of our usual 3.
In June 2019, our guests get the opportunity to visit the beating heart of Piedmont: the Langhe wine district and a bit of Roero too 😉

Top Italian wine producing region and white truffle hub of the world, within Piemonte there are many wine districts and traditional food production areas; however only 3 made it to the Unesco World Heritage Site list: Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

Despite being close to each other, their geographical and geological conformations are rather different as you eye and palate can intuitively tell you.
These territories are made of tiny medieval hamlets perched on the top of vineyard covered hills.

If Monferrato counts more castles than in the Loire Valley, in France, the Langhe area comprised between Alba and Asti has the highest concentration of Michelin starred restaurants in the whole world! 
And Roero is the Piedmont unique fruit and vegetable garden thanks to its many family owned farms, orchards and hazelnut groves 😋

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

A piazza wide garden

Despite its very long industrial tradition, like Lady Gaga and Rihanna, Turin has known how to change and renovate herself along the years. Many areas of the city have changed completely in the last 30 years, starting from downtown, the Lingotto area where  you can now visit Eataly - the very first one in the world! - and the Fiat factory turned into a shopping mall, to Piazza Risorgimento in the Campidoglio neighborhood.

We often describe Turin like the Italian MoTown thanks to the Fiat, but also as the Italian Philly because of its elegant 18th century architecture and most definitely, like the Italian Manhattan given the Roman grid our city was built on. Like many cities around the world though, Turin has also many artsy projects and neighborhoods that keep outside of the tourists' paths.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

herbal alchimies in Turin

The 6th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital will see the participation of two women of the historic and world renown 'booze system' 😁: Monica Buzio and Paola Pressi.

Monica inside the distillery

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Amanda Jack's Turin

We are happy to share a guest post by our Twitter and Instagram friend Amanda Jack 🙆

Amanda is a writer, student, wife, mother and Grandmother. Dividing her time between homes in the North east of Scotland and the Piedmont Region of Italy, she patiently awaits the day she can perfect the Italian language. Until then, she enjoys writing about her adventures and reviewing books, mainly those set in and around Italy. 

Enjoy her perspective on Turin and do like her: come over!!

Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring risotto

Despite the weather hasn't made up its mind yet, we are in the spring and some days are getting really warm. To enhance our spring mood we are sharing our lemon and ginger risotto recipe 😋 However we would like to underline how oranges, mandarins and lemons make for great all year long risottos!

By the way, this will be our Easter risotto 😜

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

galleria Subalpina

If the number of gallerias could define the cultural level of a city and its flair for art, no doubt Turin would always make the top of the list!

Galleria Subalpina in Piazza Castello