Turin has always distinguished itself for its amazing wines and typical local ingredients: chocolate, white truffles, rice, cured meats, braised meats, hazelnuts and cheeses!
Since its royal days - which lasted about 800 years! - the local cuisine has been characterized by the authentic flavors of the land, the rich aromas of its products and simple preparations of the regular population, in contrast with the highly refined aristocratic taste of the Savoy court.
After over 150 years since Turin was the very first Italian capital, the foodie culture is still embedded in the local lifestyle and mentality and many local products and brands show it. 

Located in Piedmont, NW Italy, the real Italian wine country, today Turin is the Italian capital of good (read high quality and organic) food, that’s why the Slow Food biyearly Salone del Gusto and the Terra Madre convention (aka the food U.N.) take place here. This was also the city of choice for the very first Eataly store and, always here, you find the largest open market in Europe: Mercato di Porta Palazzo or Turin’s kitchen, because the whole city shops here on a daily basis. 

The fourth edition of this event will take place on June 21st (W), 22nd (Th) and 23rd (F) 2017 at Collegio San Giuseppe and it intends to celebrate authors, bloggers and all culinary professionals whose lives and careers were marked by food, but also the foodies, wine lovers and fashion victims of the world who are curious to explore new flavors, pairings, cooking styles and who enjoy the flavorful symphonies in their palates.

Welcome to Turin Epicurean Capital!

This event is organized by:

Event Producer 

Lucia Hannau

Born and raised in Turin, NW Italy, Lucia moved to the US to complete her MA at The Ohio State University and then she was the Italian Language Program Director at Purdue University for 9 years. 
Her love for the authentic Italian cuisine, the art of cooking, high quality ingredients and uncommon wines developed during her years abroad when she started craving her favorite dishes and just couldn't find certain original flavors. This is how she started baking her own focaccia and grissini and sharing her recipes with her students. Making her own Bolognese sauce, bugie - Carnival fritters - and exploring the traditional Italian cuisines became a cathartic experience that brought Lucia back to Italy. 
To these days, Lucia still looks at Turin with amazed eyes and with the same perspective she conceived Turin Epicurean Capital, with the purpose of placing Turin & Piedmont on the international foodie map.

Planning Committee

Alberto Bonis
A graduate of Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti, the Turin fine arts academy, Alberto is a very talented artist, illustrator, graphic designer, educator and visual communication artist. His works range from fiction to comics, including educational publications, for both print and digital editions.
He has also experience as an art director for publishing houses and board game companies, and as an art teacher for adults and children. In fact, he designed and taught art workshops in some Turin public elementary schools. Currently, he is corporate image designer and webmaster for different companies, organizations and e-zines. He has a passion for cooking, edgy kitchen gadgets and enjoys travelling the world incognito.

Armin Niknam
Armin is an Iranian literature student who has been living in Turin since 2011. He's working as a teacher and he's really into human sciences, critical theory and history. He believes he receives his strongest influences from Karl Marx and Michel Foucault. He has also worked as a literary translator.
Armin is a vegetarian and in his free time he cycles on the Piedmont roads.