Vida Royal

Learn, practice and improve your Italian from home for your next travel to Italy! 
Get familiar with the sounds of italiano and the Italian culture with native Italian ITA L2 teacher

For inquiries and reservations, please, e-mail Lucia: 

Group classes are: 10/per person, payment via paypal at least one day in advance.

Customized programs are also available upon request. 
The cost varies according to what you will do: grammar, conversation, writing, basic survival, cultural immersion, Italian: literature, culture, food, wine, history, art, cinema, fashion, other topics or a mix of everything.

A Turin Epicurean Experience

Turin has a long epicurean tradition boasting the very best ingredients and many renowned brands. Many things recognized as Italian were actually created in Turin: espresso, vermouth, gelato on a stick (like Magnum) and the whole Slow Food movement just to name a few. Moreover, Turin has one of the three urban vineyards in Europe - the most productive one - and a vibrant café life where the aperitivo culture has originated before spreading all over Italy.

Plan at least a week in Turin or you'll leave crying of regret and cravings! There are so many wines to drink, cheese to savor, local delicacies to explore, museums and shops to visit! Get to know Turin like a local with our private tours, tastings, shopping sessions and private classes: cooking, Italian language and culture, food writing and photography, yoga, yogalates and pilates online too!

Our epicurean private tours will make you experience our food and wine scene from the unique perspective of a local and we are sure you will want to come back for more 😎

Enjoying bicerin at Al Bicerin, sitting at the first Italian PM table!

Whether you are a group or a couple, whether you are interested into experiencing one of our full epicurean week-ends or just a walking tour, we can accompany you through the real Turin's soul.

We can arrange:
  • seasonal lunches, dinners and tastings: wine, cheese, beer, chocolate, coffee, gelato, candies and more!
  • seasonal cooking classes with optional ingredients so you can easily share our specialties back at your home too 😉 
  • market visits, shopping sprees at local designers' and artisans'. 
  • food photography, food writing, Italian language and mindfulness sessions too.

Request your own date!
A minimum of 2 people is all you need to live our Turin's vida royal like a real local 🙆

In Turin food and fashion are always seasonal so anytime of the year is a good time to join our tables, privates, shopping sessions and tours!   

picking up an artisan gelato after the chocolate tasting 😋

For all inquiries and reservations, please, e-mail Lucia:

If you need any accommodation, we can also get you in touch we our partner hotels and we can certainly help you organizing your trip to the wine country, the lakes or the Alps too 😜

Payment policy:

For quotes, reservations and payments, please, e-mail Lucia:

Payments via Paypal or direct deposit in Euros + all fees are due in full a month prior the booking date and are non-refundable.

living Turin like a royal, tasting and shopping the top local specialties

Hop over to Turin:

by train from any Italian city, Paris and Zurich
by plane, the Turin airport code is TRN
by car 

Treat yourselves our vidaroyal at THE heavenly gates of Italy 😎


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