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Turin has always distinguished itself for its amazing wines and traditional local ingredients: chocolate, white truffles, rice, cured meats, braised meats, hazelnuts, cheeses and wines!
Since its early royal days - over 800 years ago! - the local cuisine has been characterized by the authentic flavors of its land, the rich aromas of its products and simple preparations of its population, in contrast with the highly refined aristocratic taste of the Savoy court.
After almost 200 years since when Turin was the very first Italian capital, the foodie culture is still embedded in the local lifestyle and all our many famous local products and brands show it. 

Located in Piedmont, NW Italy - aka the Burgundy of Italy - today, Turin is the Italian capital of good (read high quality and organic) food, that’s why the Slow Food biyearly Salone del Gusto and the Terra Madre convention (aka the food U.N.) take place here. 
Turin was also the city of choice for the very first Eataly store and, always here, you can find the largest outdoor market in Europe: Mercato di Porta Palazzo or the Turin’s kitchen, because the whole city shops here on a daily basis. 

Come discover Turin and Piedmont like a local and live our vida royal with our:

  • private walking tours
  • tastings: wine, chocolate, cheese, gelato, beers, candies and more 
  • cooking classes with and without shopping at the market, available online too
  • shopping sesh at local designers and artisans
  • private classes: yoga, pilates, yogalates, Italian, all available online too
  • tours for food & wine professionals, companies, schools and institutions

We work with small groups, companies and individuals
We customize all our itineraries, classes, activities and services 

E-mail Lucia: to schedule your tour

Turin has a long epicurean tradition boasting the very best ingredients and many renowned brands. Many things recognized as Italian were actually created in Turin: espresso, vermouth, gelato on a stick (like Magnum) and the whole Slow Food movement just to name a few. Moreover, Turin has one of the three urban vineyards in Europe - the most productive one - and a vibrant café life where the aperitivo culture has originated before spreading all over Italy.

Follow Stanley Tucci in his Searching for Italy Turin and Piedmont episode here

Plan at least a week in Turin or you'll leave crying of regret and cravings! There are so many wines to drink, cheeses to savor, local delicacies to explore, museums and shops to visit! 

Read our posts about the Turin FAQs and 10 things to do in Turin.

Enjoying bicerin at Al Bicerin, sitting at the first Italian PM table!

Plan at least a week in Turin or you'll leave crying of regret and cravings! 
There are so many wines to drink, cheeses to savor, local delicacies to explore, museums and shops to visit! And you can also take convenient one day trips by train from Turin to the Alps, the Lakes and the wine country, or arrange a driver and explore other places!

Our wider region of Piedmont  is a land of castles, wineries, chocolate and cashmere!

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Whether a group or a couple, if you are curious about our local vida royal, we'll lead you by the hand through the real Turin's soul.

We can also arrange:
  • seasonal lunches, dinners 
  • seasonal cooking classes with optional ingredients so you can easily share our specialties back at your home too 😉 
  • market visits 
  • artisan shopping sessions
  • food photography and food writing workshops
  • tours for culinary schools and companies


In Turin food and fashion are always seasonal and in season! 
Anytime is a good time to join our tables, privates, shopping sessions and private tours!   

We can also help with your accommodation in Turin, Piedmont, trips over the wine country, the Alps, our lakes and ... all of Italy! 

living Turin like a royal, tasting and shopping the top local specialties

Hop over to Turin:

         You can now conveniently connect in London Heathrow LHR with BA to TRN

From the TRN airport to town you can take the airport train for only 3.60e to the Turin / Torino Porta Susa train station on the subway line.

You can also get a cab or arrange for a private driver.
  • by train from any Italian city, Paris and Zurich
  • by car from all continental Europe and Italy

Treat yourselves our vida royal at THE heavenly gates of Italy 😎


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