Friday, December 15, 2023

Turin feeling

Happy Holidays 🎄from Turin and may 2024 be a lucky year 🍀to all of you who have been following us for all these years!

the Turin Royal Palace with its little Christmas wood

Unlike our past December posts, today, we are sharing with you 5 cool souvenirs from Turin you can buy to extend your Turin feeling! This a selection of basic items you can easily bring back home if you are traveling light and they are all pretty unexpensive but definitely full of happiness.

Piazza Benefica

As you already know, Turin is home to luxury souvenirs that are readily available in a wide selection to choose from: expensive high quality wines, cashmere, artisan jewelry pieces, original art, local fashion designers accessories, artisan custom made and upon request shoes AND clothes, Alpine liqueurs, antiques of any kind, especially porcelain, personalized perfumes, fountain pens and the list goes on and on.

This post though contains flavors and images to instantly bring you back to our local Turin atmosphere and teleport you right here whenever you savor or admire them.

1. Turin ornaments for your Christmas tree or anything else

You can finally buy baubles with the major Turin views: Mole Antonelliana, our Valentino Medieval Castle and the Superga Basilica. Not too shabby for a destination still under the radar!

... as these ornaments don't really have any Christmas reference you can really hang them anywhere you like from windows to your car rearview mirror...

2. A Litterary Collage of Turin

It looks like a thin book but it's a folder with two sections containing cards of different sizes with the major Turin palazzos. Architecture lovers and visual arts fans will instantly fall in love with this whimsical collection and will make sure to see them all IRL next time they are in town.

Like many of our clients do with the artistic tarot decks they buy during our tours, you can easily frame these literary drawings of Turin and hang them in your house or office. Whenever you need to mentally travel over here, all you'll need to do is to look at one of these beautiful cards.

3. Something Chocolate

A part from the elegant large gianduiotti boxes with ink drawings or paintings of Turin we all gift to our family and friends at any occasion - there are as many as our local chocolate producers - travelers with only a carry on can still choose among:

- THE TUBE of chocolate, yes, like a toothpaste tube but with chocolate spread by Leone our royal confectionery brand. Usually people collect their candies in the tins but only the wisest visitors buy the chocolate tube! 

Make sure you can carry it in your carry on, the choco tube is 115gr, or you'll have to start it before going through the airport security 😅

- the most luscious hot chocolate mix - Turin style of course: thick and decadent by Baratti & Milano one of our royal cafés. This magic mix will give you the confort of savoring their famous hot chocolate at home!

- the Baratti & Milano chocolate spread you should only eat by the spoon and only 1 tsp per day!! Happiness in a tiny container: don't contaminate it with anything to maximise your pleasure.

- a Mole Antonelliana bottle (pick your size) of chocolate liqueur. the large size is great to keep but the smallest size goes easily through the airport security.

4. Turin mug

The Turin mug is perfect for your Turin-style hot chocolate by Baratti & Milano and for the chocolate liqueur, but also for your daily coffee and tea breaks.

5. Precious Turin

an unordinary book about all the unconventional things Turin, available in English, French and Italian - perfect if you are studying the language.

our Winter Lights in Piazza Palazzo di Città

Dear amici, take advantage of the new BA flight from London Heathrow to our Turin airport (TRN). devote at least 7 days to get to know our unique city and plan many other visits: each month you'll visit Turin will show you something new and our local menu will have something different.

Starting on January 15th 2024, every 30min, there will also be a new train connecting the TRN airport to the Porta Susa train station where the subway stop is.

E-mail Lucia: 

Restau-streetcar in Piazza Carlina

Turin will amaze you, amici!!

Buon Natale 🎅e Felice 2024 a tutti 🎇

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