Thursday, January 25, 2018

L = Pastiglie Leone

Just imagine if you could get candies instead of medicines, and if gummy candies had medicinal properties.... Well this is how Pastiglie Leone aka THE Turin's candies started and how they are keeping up with their philosophy. Starting by their name because pastiglie means pills 😁

Mark this candy brand down because once again it makes a great souvenir thanks to all the nice tins and colored boxes you can find virtually everywhere, not only here in Turin and in Piedmont, but all over Italy too.

Original 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games tin by Pastiglie Leone

Like most Piedmont brands, this too is a family company founded in 1857, and they keep making their sugar candies just like in the 19th century when they started. With the time, they have expanded both their flavor and the product lines, so now you can also buy gummy candies, regular candies and since 2007, also Pastiglie Leone chocolate 😋

Right from their packaging, Pastiglie Leone is one of the Italian symbols that yells Turin and recalls of our royal times when they were the official royal candy suppliers. So basically, whenever you buy your favorite flavor, you will feel a bit royal too.

Just like back in the 19th century, these sugary candies are made with powdered sugar, essential oils and natural ingredients (extracts, colors, juices). Indeed these are healthy candies: less than 2 kcal each, vegan and gluten free! 
Even the gummy ones are not made with gelatin but with Kordofan Arabic gum, the highest quality of Arabic gum that promotes good digestion, alleviates constipation, strengthens the immune system, controls blood sugars (!!), lowers cholesterol, heals sore throat, keeps your teeth healthy, helps in weight loss, fights free radicals thus preventing cancer, improves kidney function, protects the liver, and cure diarrhea. These candies are a delicious medicine indeed, and they last longer than the usual gelatine based gummies. 

As for the chocolate, it is produced according to the traditional local methods as a tribute to the Turin's chocolate making history; and with the best cocoas from Latin America, vanillas from Madagascar; without palm oil and offering a lactose and nuts free dark chocolate.

back of the Freisa di Chieri Pastiglie Leone candy box

Naturally, when in Turin, you will visit Villa della Regina our urban vineyard, where you can buy the special edition Pastiglie Leone made with the Villa Freisa di Chieri wine by Balbiano. A candy made with red wine might sound strange but these Freisa Leone are actually very aromatic and kids can have them too.

Just like those sugar gems or lacrime d'amore - love tears made with Rosolio - the Vermouth grandpa's, a liqueur made by macerating rose petals. When you have your bicerin at Al Bicerin don't forget to get a 50gr sample, you can buy them lose just like before Pastiglie Leone invented the tins to carry everywhere 😉 

Even famous coffee brand from Turin, Lavazza partnered with Pastiglie Leone for their coffee candies.

Each year, a new flavor comes out and be warned, because they are always brilliant candies like spritz ones! The tins' graphic changes too, making them fun to collect 😎

Besides their sugary pills, Pastiglie Leone also makes very aromatic violet and rose drop, honey, licorice and sour candies  😍

Among their 3 million candy boxes in 40 different flavors and their old-style chocolate, we are sure you will find your favorite one!

All you need to do is get over to Turin and enjoy our vidaroyal 😜

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