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TRN Turin airport

yes, Turin has its own tiny and beautifully working airport!! 
TRN is the international code for the Turin airport, "Caselle" for the residents. 
TRN is connected to the major European and Italian cities plus some extra EU ones.

Coming from outside Europe, many visitors are not aware that Turin actually has its own airport and just waste their time and money landing in Milan and then getting over here by train or bus.
That's very unfortunate because, as Turin airport doesn't have many Alitalia flights, whenever there's a national air strike, it is one of the very few fully working airports in Italy!

As Turin is still mainly a business city, there are many daily connections with Paris CDG and Frankfurt, a few with Munich, Amsterdam, Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona and London Stansted. Naturally, you can also fly to Turin from the other major Italian cities.

How do I get from the airport to downtown Turin?

- by taxi and the price ranges between 35 and 50Euros depending on the traffic.
This is your best option if you land late or leave very early in the morning. The ride will be quick and the other options might not be available. 

- by Sadem bus which stops at both train stations: Torino Porta Susa and Torino Porta Nuova (each train station is connected to a subway stop)
the cost of the round trip is 12Euros
These are blue buses and the English and Italian schedule is here

- by train+bus or tram and metro according to where you need to go
This is a bit trickier but much cheaper: only 3Euros each way!
Train schedule here or google "Torino-Ceres orari" and you'll get an updated pdf.

After collecting your luggage at the carousel, exit the terminal as if you were getting a cab. 
Pay attention to the signs above your heads because there will be only 2 saying "train".
Once you are in the coffee shop area, go to the  left, the last booth near the far left exit is the Information desk.
Right next to the information desk there is a "ricevitoria": the booth where you can buy your combo ticket which will allow you to get downtown by train+bus/tram and subway. You should be able to buy your Sadem bus ticket there too.

The combo ticket is 3Euros and it's called "biglietto integrato B" valid for 2h.

In case you miss the booth and leave, the train station is just across the street.
Cross as if you were going to the parking garage, follow the signs "stazione" with the train and the corridor, you'll get to a small room with 2 machines.
Both machines accepts Euro coins and bills and sell this magic ticket, you just need to remember you need biglietto integrato B which is only 3E.

With your ticket at hand, go upstairs with the escalator, you'll see there will be a sign saying "Torino" and a small green machine to validate your ticket.

If you need to reach Turin downtown, we suggest you get off at Madonna di Campagna station - it usually takes only 16min.

orange train station Madonna di Campagna easily recognizable from tram #9 stop when going to the airport
Once out of Madonna di Campagna station, you'll see a traffic light at your left. Walk toward it, under the bridge and cross the street, finally, you'll see tram #9 stop. This is the tram you need to get to reach the city center, direction "Torino Esposizioni" or "TO esposizioni"

If you need to get off at Porta Nuova station, tram #9 will get you there.
If you need to get off in the Porta Susa area, get off in Piazza Bernini (it will take about about 12min.) and then get the subway toward Lingotto. 
The subway stop has an orange M sticking out in the piazza at your right. Porta Susa train station is the 3rd stop.

On both tram #9 and subway, the names of the stops are announced in English too.
On both the train and the subway the list of the stops is above each door.

How do I reach the airport from downtown Turin? 

- by taxi especially if it's very late at night or very early in the morning because Sadem, subway, trams and train might not be working 

- blue bus Sadem near Porta Nuova or Porta Susa stations
the cost of the ticket is 6,50E but if you have the Torino+Piemonte card there's a reduction

- with biglietto integrato B that you can buy in the subway stations, at the train stations and at tabaccaio (tobacco shop for public transit tickets), you can get tram #9 at Porta Nuova and get off at Madonna di Campagna station. You will see it from faraway because it is painted in orange.
Once inside Madonna di Campagna, get to the Ceres track but make sure to get off at "Caselle Aereoporto" - all the stops are listed near the doors.

If you are in the Porta Susa area, get the subway and get off at Bernini; cross the square on the left to reach tram #9 stop and after 12 min you'll be at Madonna di Campagna station.

For an updated schedule of the train to the airport, google "Torino-Ceres orari".

Don't be afraid to ask for information in and outside of the airport and the train stations, Italians are very forgiving and will try their best to help you if you can't speak Italian or if you can speak it just a tiny bit.

However, remember that in Italy, particularly when dealing with trains and tickets, it is always better to go to a booth and deal with a person rather than with a machine.
Refunds are very rare even when you prove it wasn't your mistake.

If you are planning on visiting Italy by train, check the train schedule on treni italia by selecting the right train station, day/time and click on "all trains". 
Especially for costly tickets, we recommend you to pay at the booth to avoid website related problems. Unlike other countries, in case of error, you won't get your money back.

Now, all you need is plan your vacation to Turin and Piedmont. Remember that just 2 days in Turin are really not enough! 
Bono of U2 spends 10 days in Turin as there are many things to see, do, eat and drink :P

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