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L'Erm orchard of wonders

Dearest gentle readers,
it's now been a long time since we last talked about the ton and our very own Piedmont Ms Sharma now Viscountess Bridgerton 👇

At last, the most fashionable dance has made its return and it seems that our bon ton is moving with the changing time so too is this author. As we all are waiting for Bridgerton season 3, today, we shall talk about how our most cherished Viscountess - Ms Jyothi Aimino has made it a point to diversify her estate into different productions, thus going beyond the usual wine productions of her Canavese district and reintroducing old local fruit trees.

In fact, L'Erm has vineyards for red Nebbiolo grapes - the main wine variety grown in Piedmont and white Erbaluce di Caluso grapes - the only Italian wine whose variants are all DOCG, a small olive grove producing a delicious olive paté and an orchard.

Tami the winery choco lab supervising the vines in the corner 😍

Gentle readers, 
to read about the Viscountess' innovative wine click here
to watch her presentation in English click here and in italiano here.

Today though, we are a daydreaming look a this orchard of wonders for the Viscountess has researched about some long forgotten fruits to resuscitate and create the most natural delicious jams, preserves and fruit juices.

just a few of the L'Erm natural jams, juices, preserves and olive products

Beware, gentle reader, don't expect anything regular but only the most refined flavors as the Viscountess herself has tweaked some traditional recipes and twisted them to best suit her roots,  identity and personality.

And what an extraordinary adventure your tastebuds will go on!

do you know what these are?? Azzeruole grown at L'Erm: cherry sized apple-like fruits

Having taste tested them for you, what this author knows to be true is that diamonds are not the only gems that sparkle and L'Erm is indeed a natural mine of deliciousness: the fruit juices are more nectars than drinks and nowhere else you'll be able to find a pinch on India in the Piedmont flavors.
And what to say about the Viscountess's olive paté? An elegant addition to all your favorite dishes: pastas, meats, fish and even tartines, cheese pockets and eggs. Let your fantasy ride a wild horse for your culinary creations will steal the scene of your party!

thyme and azzeruole (cherry sized apple-like fruits) jam and goat cheese by L'Erm

For the Viscountess Bridgerton understands not everyone is into wine and good practices need to be shared, new events are always added to the L'Erm calendar. Whether you are traveliving with kids, your puppies or alone, wait no more and get in touch with the Viscountess who will be very happy to welcome you all to her wine tastings, winery tours, educational visits and many special events on her estate, through her vines and on her hills.
The Bridgertons never disappoint and you'll go home on a very merry mood and a trunk full of delicacies!

savory palmiers with the L'Erm olive paté and goat cheese

So, tell me: what is the primary force that guides us apart? 
With the new connection from LHR London Heathrow to the Turin airport TRN there are really no more excuses, dear reader!

Kaiser pears in a lemon & cinnammon syrup

red peach jam

L'Erm kiwis in a lemon syrup

So, I ask: when is your heart finally leading you over to L'Erm and the Viscountess Bridgerton?
Whenever you choose to visit, you'll take advantage of the best weather and local specialties indeed!

Remember, the Canavese wine district has plenty for you to discover and enjoy. Located at about 1h driving northing, you can't miss out on Ivrea aka the Italian Silicon Valley, hometown of Olivetti the very first Italian computer. Ivrea is especially famous for its Carnival - Mardi Gras celebrations with the orange battle stretching over 2 months!! There you must try the local luscious chocolate cake by the secret recipe, the local corn cake: polentina and the local cookies: eporediesi.
Lakes, farms and castles stud this wine district on the train line for a more sustainable travel. 

L'Erm, Ivrea and the Canavese district make for a great one (or more) day trip from Turin and also for the best pit stop on your way to the pre-Alpine wineries, Valle D'Aosta, Switzerland and France.

Lady Turinepi aka Lucia doing wine yoga with Tami at L'Erm's, photo by Kavita Malstead

Without any further ado, dear gentle reader, let your heart lead you over to Piedmont soon and get in touch with Lady Turinepi turinepi@gmail.com for your best Piedmont and Turin experiences!
Her private tours can also include a tasting and a private class
Moreover, Lady Turinepi is also available online to help you organize your travel and your life in Italy.

Yours Truly, 
Lady Whistledown

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