Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Turin for ladies

Turin makes the best destination for couples, families, friends, solo travelers, LGBTQAI+ and naturally for women travelers too.

unapologetically: wine and crystal chandeliers, this is Turin

Turin has its own tiny airport connected to all the major European cities and starting in a few days, British Airways will be flying from Heathrow LHR to TRN too, so you can conveniently connect in London if you are coming from overseas.

Check out the flights to TRN to keep an eye on the cheapest fare!

Turin airport code: TRN

There are always many things to do, eat, drink and see in Turin, lots of cool events and fests going on all year long and Teatro Regio, our royal theater has an amazing calendar of concerts, opera and dance. Many say it's the best opera calendar in Europe!

Definitely the theater alone is a must-see.

Turin's symbol: Mole Antonelliana aka Cinema museum

Turin is a very safe city, lady travellers will feel welcome right away.

The first capital of Italy (1861-1865) has a great offer of unique high level experiences and makes the best destination for small groups of friends who want to catch up, relax, pamper themselves and celebrate birthdays, achievements or even only just chilled out together like real queens.

Cremini and gianduiotti are Turin's staple chocolates

Here's a list of 5 must-do things in Turin for ladies traveling to lift each other and celebrate their friendship:

1. breakfast with cappuccino or tea and cream puffs in most cafés with their own pastry production

2. high fashion fabric shopping and custom-made clothes and accessories - the tailor needs a week to make your suit (pants or skirt or dress and jacket). Think Armani, Chanel, Versace, Dior, Italian silk, wool, your name it, my friends! After all the fashion ministry was based in Turin thanks to her a long tradition of sartorial craftmanship. ... and Piedmont is the European cashmere hub too (Zegna is based right here)!

3. jewelry made by our local artist goldsmith: feel the thrill of wearing small one of a kind sculpture and find your new signature jewelry piece to celebrate you! ... right in Piedmont we have the world's most renowned goldsmith fair and the big jewelry brands buy their precious stones from us up here!

4. kick back and eat artisan chocolate, natural jellies and pralines. Feel the excitement of unwrapping chocolates filled with candied orange, rhum or mint cream and have fun shopping our many chocolate and pistachio spreads. They do make some of the best souvenirs!

5. beauty, parfume and make-up shopping! Oh the world you'll discover in Turin and especially in our historical herbal shops and pharmacies where they also make their own lines of products and ... spirits following century old recipes!

And naturally, mile long arcades, Baroque palazzos, restaurants with crystal chandeliers, MANY museums and the highest concentration of historical cafés and shops waiting for you.

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Turin and Lucia are waiting for you!

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