Wednesday, February 23, 2022

fat week 2022

Happy settimana grassa or fat week dear amici ๐ŸŽ‰ This is the week that leads to Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday and the end of the Carnival celebrations in the Roman Catholic countries.
So, we have to take advantage of our culinary seasonal specialties that are basically a giant keto diet before detoxing for the 40 days of Lent ๐Ÿ˜“

Many of you have been asking about the situation these days and what we are forecasting. Let us remind you that even if Lucia is a Turin insider, she is not a secret agent yet. As a piscean, she does have a strong 6th sense but helas, her powers are limited (she didn't attend Hogwarts... just the Turin University and the OSU) and she doesn't own a crystal ball ๐Ÿ˜– ... yet!

This is what we know up to February 22nd 2022.

Our covid19 infections are still quite high, our RT rate is 9.9% but hospitalizations are going down. The booster and children campaigns weren't as successful in Italy but by March 1st we are starting the 4th shot for the immunocompromised. As for the 4th shot for the regular population, we don't have an official press release by the government yet. However, our army general who is in charge of the logistics said today they think it will be in the Fall, maybe starting on late September.

Will it be the pan-covid+flu shot or any covid vax again? Who knows... not even Dr Fauci knows it.

What we do know is that the Italian PM wants 'to go back to normal as soon as possible' just like BoJo in the UK. This means that even if the covid19 emergency in Italy is supposed to last till March 31st, we are lifting some restrictions already by next week. No more facemask and green pass will be checked when sitting outdoors and at the stadium, people will be able to snack at the movies again and gradually, right before Easter, no more green pass will be required.
This basically follows the new regulations in the other EU countries like Spain and France.

Moreover, visitors entering Italy from outside the EU won't need to quarantine anymore but will still need to show proof of vaccination or a negative test. As the Spanish government made it clear in January: our governments need the tourist money and this is also why many airlines are hiring again and promoting deals.

In Turin everyone is requesting their passport and the police (where you request your passport) is so overwhelmed with the requests, they aren't scheduling any new appointments.

Like in other places around the world, people who catch covid won't need to isolate or quarantine anymore. The 'average Mario' has some doubts about all these changes, especially considering the long covid symptoms and the people who can't vaccinate, or are immunocompromised. 
In Italy, these categories do feel left behind.

It is true though that climate change is a reality up here in Piedmont where we have been experiencing months of drought and a warm February. The plus side of the current situation is that warmer temps and longer light hours mean people can enjoy being outdoors, and thus, the infections will easily follow the trends of the past 2 years, and decline.

Gianduia candy

No more swab tests, no more lines at the pharmacy, no more safety protocols - even though some rules apparently are still in place, but the vary region to region and institution to institution. Apparently, certain Italian hospitals are still not allowing fathers-to-be in the delivery room... even with a green pass and a negative test!

Every Saturday we still have the no green pass protests and now they include a stage with an anthem and a Canadian flag (!). Just one flag...
... not sure protestors and many Italians really know why there is a Canadian flag... In fact, the Italian media don't release many detailed news about what happens abroad whether it is Ottawa, Ukraine, the US or Israel. To get to know what happens around the world you do need to read the international press.

So, Italians still live in the moment, trying not to think about the summer just in case a new variant masks us up again. We seize the time and enjoy our Carnival fritters, Gianduia candies and many people are packing for their Mardi Gras holidays next week.
This is just a 4 day week-end but it allows families to go skiing or at least up to the mountains where there is no snow... or down to the sea and relax.

Should you plan your travel over to Italy in the Spring?

Seize the time, amici! When there are no restrictions just take advantage of these windows. Short-term travels should definitely happen, and following the summer patterns the June-September travel plans too.

Eurovision Song Contest 2022: Turin

How about Turin? What's the situation?

We are hosting the 66th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest on May 10-14 and those days you won't find a room in the city anymore BUT you will easily find one in all the other dates!

Plan 5 days over here in Torino to really get to know the city and our royal lifestyle made up of royal coffee shops, neighborhood outdoors markets, wine - chocolate - cheese - pastry and gelato tastings. There are so many cool things to see, visit and try, you'll be craving to come back for more!

After all, where else can you find wide and small piazzas, impressive museums and a decadent food and wine culture?

Think Philadelphia meets Paris meets Rome and you'll get Turin ๐ŸŽ‡!!

To include some of our tours, experiences and classes, please, e-mail Lucia:


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