Monday, May 25, 2020

life with covid19

At the end of this May 2020, everything in Italy has reopened except for the museums, the theaters and the movie theaters that will reopen on June 3rd.
As for the schools... nobody knows yet, but more and more teachers and parents are protesting to resume the school in September because the Italian long distance learning system isn't working at all, many students are left behind or drop out of school, many teachers left their books at school (!) and naturally such books don't come with ancillary materials online. No, don't make me write about the teachers who ask their students to text them the pictures of their notebooks 😖

the very first spritz in Piazza Vittorio on May 23

The Italian government so far has been thinking of subsidizing the population for the scooter or bike buy in a big effort to limit the use of public transport and private cars, but nobody has been thinking about hiring more teachers, reducing the students/teacher ratio, upgrading the internet infrastructures, properly training the teachers to integrate new technologies and offering student and educator discounts when buying an electronic device and internet connection.
Since the beginning of May, lots of webinars have been organized to show teachers and principals the many possibility of the digital reality, but to sum the problem in a few words: the change in Italy requires a bigger effort than the benefits this change entails.

As Dr Lawton of Purdue University used to say: 'you can't train an old dog' as Italy is led by old people. To me, both as a yogini and a foreign language teacher, this is a big failure and contradiction.

Enjoying an old-style (pre-covid19 like) apericena in Piazza Carignano

Even though the weather is nice and we can all enjoy sitting down in our coffee shops and restaurants al fresco, or under the arches in Turin, groups and large tables aren't allowed. Social distancing and wearing a face mask are still the top priorities, and our world renown conviviality is discouraged in the name of limiting the infections.

Nationally, we don't know yet where we can travel to, our national borders should reopen by June 15th and the Schengen area should resume, however, not all the EU countries are ready to do it. Some are thinking of requesting a 14 day quarantine, like the UK and Spain, for all the visitors or only for those coming from certain countries 😩

taking advantage of the arches or portici, the longest and widest in Italy

Turin Epicurean Capital has always taken place in the beautiful 18th century theater of the De La Salle School of Turin, Collegio San Giuseppe, but as the school will be closed, and people can't gather at all, we have decided to move this 7th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital online and sharing our chats on all our online channels.

It will be totally different format compared to our past editions but we really wanted to keep our yearly appointment and showing you how Turin is slowly transitioning to her new reality.

Stay tuned for our calendar and start following us on:
YouTube where you can already see some clips of the past editions, of Turin, our Italian classes and our yoga classes both in English and Italian. Playlists here.

enjoying the last coppetta before being allowed a gelato cone again!

The program of Turin Epicurean Capital always includes fun group activities that unfortunately, this year won't be taking place due to the new covid 19 regulations, but we're still planning to show you something new and special about Torino!

Our online channels will be your live window on Turin and our vida royal while you keep planning your travel here 😎

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Italian and yoga privates are available online too!

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