Tuesday, May 12, 2020

turinepi20 with covid19

As we are approaching the 7th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital, it is clear that most of our guests will be stuck in their own countries faraway from Turin but... others living in Italy or Europe though, might actually love to come over and have a taste of a regular trip away from their lock down memories.

TurinEpi19: (left to right) Christina Conte, Jan Egan, Cynthia McCloud Woodman, Benedetta 
Oggero and Reine Bouton enjoying one of the TurinEpi lunches literally al fresco of the Turin's 
arches despite the scorching 44C-111F

  • Where is Italy now?

Nationally, as of May 11th, our new cases are totally 999 which is an historic low!

Starting on May 4th the Italian government has been gradually lifting some of the covid19 restrictions: most workers got back to their jobs, and by May 18th it will be up to each single region to decide what to allow back to business.
Italy is a tiny boot made up of 20 diverse regions and the coronavirus19 has in a way enhanced our local differences because, up to now, Piedmont has finally the pandemic under control, but neighboring Lombardy is still fighting the numbers.

All schools are finishing the school year online to reopen in September, our end of school exams will take place for the middle schoolers online, while the high schoolers will have to do a 1h presentation in person at their school in front of the customary exam committee.
Generally, shops, coffee shops and restaurants will reopen on May 18th, museums and theaters after June 2nd but with a halved capacity.

Hot yoga class for TurinEpi19 in the Collegio San Giuseppe inner garden: green spaces are precious!

In Piedmont though, restaurants, coffee shops and hairdressers will reopen on May 25th and movie theaters and the gyms will be in the parks. Naturally, we don't know yet what will happen in the Fall and bear in mind that Northern Italy has a continental weather, in Piedmont for example May is very rainy, October is still summery but November is foggy, rainy and humid.

Piazza Carlo Alberto at sunset

Since May 4th face masks are mandatory in all indoor public places, transportation means included, gatherings aren't allowed: no parties, dinners, family reunions. We can only visit our immediate family members and must have our face masks on.

  • Are Italians wearing their face masks correctly?

... most people are but you cross many with their noses outside... or who lower it on their chins to chat with a friend on the street... or keep it on top of their head while driving.

One of Turin's cycling lanes: people are encouraged to cycle or drive but avoid public transit;
picture taken on May 11th at 6:30pm: the whole street is deserted

  • Are Italians excited to go back to their old life?

We are currently in phase 2, that is closer to our lock down than to our 'old normal'. We can drive within our region but not outside. 
As there is no cure nor vaccine yet, the emergency is still going and NOBODY has been protesting against our stay at home orders, nor severe restrictions.
Going back to work if we can't sip our espresso at the bar - because we can only currently have it to go served outside the coffee shop - is not our normal.
Being in line at the grocery store, wearing the face mask and not being able to eat with all our friends and family is still experienced as a big limitation.
Basically, we are frozen like rabbits hearing a tractor approaching but we are also trying to move on, planning for the second wave, the Fall and the future. The changes we are putting into place now are the basis for our 'new normal' and future.

Via Cernaia, May 11th, 6:30pm

At the moment we don't even know yet when we will be able to sit down at a coffee shop or restaurant exactly and in what way. The take away service has been authorized just last week to ease the need of eating out and allow restaurants to do business.

Experiencing Turin, living our epicurean lifestyle is the core of the Turin Epicurean Capital experience as well as of vida royal experiences. Our guests have been coming and returning over the years just to live like a local in Torino. If the coronavirus19 is limiting our travels, food and wine experiences, visits, classes and workshops, we've been thinking of a back up plan 😁

torneremo a bere - we'll be drinking again!

Despite our deeply felt precariety, one thing is for sure: the 7th edition will still be happening and naturally, all our guests stuck at home, will come to Turin in 2021!
We had originally planned a sustainable wine tour, but because any form of travel is at the moment complicated, follow us on Instagram where we'll be showing you some unique locations in the area.

Even though, all we have is now and here, when we aren't doing yoga, we never really stop thinking about the future and its possibilities.
In truth, amici, we are indeed stuck in a great place for Torino has plenty of things to show you and to share.

Via San Dalmazzo

Stay tuned and keep planning your post-covid19 travel to Turin!!

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  1. It's so sad what's happened this year! Let's hope for 2021 to be able to have a live, in person TurinEpi gathering once more!