Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Turin Epi 7th edition

So it is in the Covid19 times that starting from next week, we'll be switching to a virtual Turin Epicurean Capital edition on all our SoMe.

As we are all together in this, we'd like to thank our loyal partners: 

who  have relentlessly been  supporting the Turin Epicurean Capital mission! 

This was no easy decision to make but as we are daily reminded that a second wave is inevitable, and above all, that most of our guests are stuck at home, it was also the safest way to go. 
Starting on June 15th we'll be chatting live with our guests on Instagram and then we'll be posting the lives on our feeds also on Facebook and YouTube too.

Via Sant'Agostino and its many restaurants, bistros, cafés, pubs, bars

You can read about our guests here and during our online chats, you'll get to know them and their work. It won't be a talk show but a more intimate chat where they will be sharing their experiences , anecdotes and points of view about different topics.
Food, wine, travel, fashion, art, artisan productions, writing, photography and lifestyle are only some of the TurinEpi topics.
Unlike the Turin edition, this 'edition from Turin' will spread through the summer weeks.

gelato in Turin is super special: our top 5 gelaterias here

Naturally, all our 2020 guests are expected in Turin in 2021 for the customary 'in person edition' in Torino.
We like to think the glass is half full, and in 2021 not only the expectations for our 8th edition will have mounted but they'll also be perfectly satisfied!

As for the experiences and activities we had planned for our guests, online you can already find our yoga classes both in English and in Italian and we'll be showing you some hidden corners of Turin where tourists usually don't go.

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bellissima Piazza Vittorio: largest open square in Europe with Mole Antonelliana sticking out

Look at her!!
The 2020 social distancing and corona virus 19 restrictions and regulations have taught us to think out of the box and to be grateful for the little things we have in our lives: now more than ever personal relationships and solidarity are what we are most grateful for 🙏

See you online amici!!

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