Monday, June 29, 2020

turinepi20 week 2

Turin Epicurean Capital normally lasts 3 days in Turin but covid19 kept most of our guests at home and so we met them virtually online and these are our week 2 chats.

  • As our guests loved the turinepi19 cheese tasting at Latteria Bera, we had planned another one this year too. Given the situation, we decided to do a virtual one where Chiara presented 7 cheeses, mostly produced in Piedmont, the vegan gianduiotti and cremini chocolates you can buy in her historic dairy and naturally, her famous whipped cream 😋
This virtual tasting is fully in Italian, for the English version click here.

  • Our old time friends: Antonio De Vecchi and Daniele Taverna of Gelato Village in Leicester, UK, shared their gelato philosophy and mission. They also explained how their gelato is still very much linked to Italy for the choice of their ingredients and the very small batches they make.
If you have always wondered what the difference is between gelato and ice-cream and if you love both, this video chat is a must!

  • Paola aka The Tiny Italian closed this second week of our virtual turinepi20 edition with some bubbles! She shared how after a rewarding career in fashion, she actually found herself in cooking healthy Italian meals and entertaining people.  If you think covid19 is preventing you from any kind of fun and party... you MUST try one of her her zoom events! 
You won't regret it!!

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