Monday, July 13, 2020

Turinepi20 week 4

The fourth week of this virtual Turin Epicurean Capital 7th edition marked the end of the live chats with our guests. In the following days we'll be doing some Turin lives to bring you all over here from your armchair helping you to visualize yourselves in Torino living our vidaroyal 😜

  • Toni Brancatisano - twin sister of Lisa Brancatisano who took part to the first week of these turinepi20 live chats - shared her story and life transitions from a RN in Australia to culinary professional based in Italy. We talked about the importance of following our passions and not being afraid of exploring new path. Currently, covid19 is forcing us to stop, giving us the time to devote ourselves to other things. 
We also talked about her food tours and cooking classes in Rome and naturally Lucia gave Toni an idea of what to expect in Turin's Porta Palazzo market and from our gelato tour during the 2021 edition.

  • Dawn Olsen shared her passion for photography, writing and traveling, and what pushed her to study Italian at Purdue University, hint: Bloomability. Dawn is one of those lucky people who can say her passion for writing has turned into her job and can still evolve into something bigger.

We also talked about how authentic food is different from what you can find in other countries, her obsession for lingerie and stationary shops and her expectations of Turin and Italy. Finally turinepi21, will gratify Dawn's curiosity for Italy!

  • The virtual cheese tasting in English at Latteria Bera closed these turinepi20 live series (for the Italian version click here). This time, Chriara prepared a selection Piedmont cheeses from tiny regional productions, a special pecorino toscano, corn meal cookies or paste di meliga together with her vegan gianduiotto, cremino chocolates, a cricri and her famous whipped cream. This dairy is one of the very few historical specialty shops in Italy and one of the even fewer dairy shops in Turin. It is a real star gate and all the products you can buy there are from tiny productions and mostly super limited seasonal editions. Naturally, talked about her 94 year old nonna who took over this dairy in 1958 and her  90 year old grandaunt who helped in the shop up to 4 years ago!

Don't miss the turinepi20 chats of:

As you can hear and see there is plenty of reasons to make Turin and Piedmont your post covid19 destination as soon as you can fly over. If you can already drive over or simply catch a train over: take advantage as this is a super pleasant summer and the Fall is our high season 😍

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