Monday, July 6, 2020

Turinepi20 week 3

The third week of the virtual 7th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital had three super interesting video chats spanning from California to Brazil and Piedmont, whose food topics spanned from food politics to food access via spermaculture!

  • Cynthia McCloud Woodman author of the website What A Girl Eats shared her background in the culinary world and how she started her blog back in 2011. She's an avid traveler and traveled around the world during a months long honeymoon besides working in pubs and restaurants in London, UK.

We also talked about important food politics and food education topics, nutrition and the staple dishes here in Turin like agnolotti del plin, risotto and tajarin 😋

  • Chocolate was the main topic of our video chat with Christina Conte - author of the website Christina's Cucina. Christina showed some very traditional chocolate products from Turin: a Caffarel's dark chocolate spread, a 40% gianduia chocolate one and 2 kinds of gianduiotti the staple chocolates here in Piedmont. Cremini chocolates were mentioned too, click here to see them. Christina underlined the importance of cooking with prime quality ingredients to preserve the authentic flavors and qualities of the recipes like Antonio De Vecchi and Daniele Taverna do at their Gelato Village in Leicester, UK, enjoy their Turinepi20 chat here.

Wanessa Navarro Marchini owner and founder of the green heart organic farm Il Cuore Verde in Morzasco, in the Monferrato Unesco wine district here in Piedmont closed the week. Originally from San Paulo, Brazil, she came to study Italian in Florence but visited Piedmont often. Wanessa shared how she transitioned from her career in architecture and design to agriculture and finally to the permaculture lifestyle thanks to her need to produce her own food for medical reasons and better raise and educate her two children.
With the years, her small vegetable garden has grown to a well round family owned company where all the gifts of the nature are used to make food and energy. She now produces wine, baked local delicacies, natural body creams, hazelnuts, herbs, fruits, vegetables and a lot more! Get in touch with Wanessa through her social media accounts to experience her life and see the whole production chain. She teaches yoga too and you'll be able to visit all the surrounding hamlets by bike.
This is a fascinating story of the real essence of Piedmont and the best example of vision of our territory.
This video chat is in Italian.

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  1. Oh dear, that screen shot of you and me isn't a very endearing picture of me! hahaha! Too funny! Loved catching up with you and discussing all things chocolate relating to Turin! Once it cools, I have a recipe using some of my amazing Caffarel gianduia cream, I cannot wait! Thanks for doing this virtually, Lucia!

    Looking forward to the next LIVE Turin Epicurean Capital event, hopefully in 2021! xx