Saturday, March 2, 2019

Galleria Umberto I

Turin is magic in many ways but first and foremost in our décor 😎 in fact, we have not only one beautiful Art Nouveau galleria but three!!
Today we are sharing the story of Galleria Umbero I in the Porta Palazzo market area.

From 1575 to 1887 this stylish galleria was a hospital; back in the 1600, it was actually the largest hospital in Turin! But in the late 1800s, the city had grown so much that the hospital had to move and so the galleria was sold and turned into a shopping mall and renamed in honor of King Umberto I of Savoy.
Even though as a galleria with shops it was inaugurated in 1890, the old pharmacy is still in its original location as when the building was opened in 1575.

The wide crossed corridors are those of the old hospital but the glass and the indoors decor are modern, as well as its gorgeous marble floors. Besides the pharmacy, there are coffee shops, restaurants, bistros and shops. Stopping by Galleria Umberto I after visiting the market is a good transition before being teleported to the Roman times at the Palatine Towers, both located behind this galleria.

As you can see, this galleria is stunning and a real gem. Thanks to its elegant atmosphere it was the location of many movies filmed in Turin. Rain or sunshine you will always keep dry inside and will be able to read a book or do your e-mails as natural light gets through its fantastic glass and iron ceiling.
At night, there is a beautiful art installation and different places to choose from for your dinner, both inside and around the galleria.

The turn over of the shops is rather quick and yet it gives you a direct glimpse on the Turin's interests; besides more common and expected Italian shops, there is now a gym, an African hairdresser, a glamorous design gallery where as you can see you can buy a golden toret to hang on your wall, a herbal shop, an Asian art shop and even a uniform shop.

Come peek through the Galleria Umberto I shops with us! After a visiting the Porta Palazzo market, and before heading to the Palatine Towers and the coffee shop inside the Royal Palace, you will just get the hang of our true vidaroyal and local mindfulness 😍

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