Tuesday, March 12, 2019

green risotto

March means green and Saint Paddy's Day 💚 so we are sharing with you one of green rice based dishes: our staple risotto with peas and mint 🙆 
Easy and healthy, it will be feasible virtually everywhere you are in the world, as long as you have access to any kind of white rice, frozen or fresh peas and fresh mint leaves. 
In order to preserve the fresh aroma of the mint and the peas flavor, we recommend you use white wine but, in case you happen to have it handy, a mild white beer will do too... and if worse comes to worse, you can always omit it for a lighter flavor.

For the young gourmets: as this risotto is magically green and with pieces (!), it can easily fit some spooky menu. Up to your fantasy to explain them how you made it, but better letting them guess 😅

Peas and mint risotto

 For 2 people, multiply the doses according to your needs.
  • white rice: 160gr is the average amount in a full menu, if risotto is your main dish, make it 200gr. We normally count 2 handful per person plus 1 for the pot, make it 3 for a larger portion 
  • 1/4 tsp of peeled and hand finely chopped fresh ginger every two portions (optional)
  • stock: vegetable or chicken or bouillon, 1/2 liter or 1 pint every 2 portions of risotto
  • butter or evoo, 1 Tbs
  • white wine or mild white beer,  1 glass (optional)
  • parmigiano reggiano or vegan sub
  • cleaned (defrosted) peas, 150gr/ 1 cup
  • cleaned fresh mint leaves:  about 30 leaves 
  • heavy whipping cream or vegan sub: 1/3 cup - 80ml 

naked risotto with fresh peas, really good but not green 😌

Clean the peas and divide them in 2 equal portions; clean and chop the ginger. For the risotto base please, click here.
Remember to: sauté the chopped fresh ginger with the raw rice since the beginning of this risotto and to add one of the two portions of peas, after you pour in the stock.

Clean and dry the mint leaves with some kitchen paper towels. If you are using highly aromatic and organic mint, you may want to use the stems too. Otherwise, discard them.

Purée the other half of pea portion with the mint leaves and the heavy whipping cream.

When the risotto is ready and off the burner, add the pea-mint cream and stir well.

Let it rest 5 minutes before grating your desired amount of parmigiano reggiano and stir well - as you might have noticed: this risotto is very low in sodium and sapidity, and rather healthy, so really let your parmigiano snow on top of it 😜 

it does look like lizard juice or ogre bile, but it is a delicious pea and mint cream though

Before serving it, please, take a moment to observe the precious emerald nuance as it will instantly gratify your eyes!

Once plated, before enjoying it, take a second to close your eyes and get lost in its minty aroma, even the young gourmets will fall in love with its spring scent 😍

Pair it with the same wine or beer you used to cook it.
From Piedmont, we recommend: Timorasso 

Via Roma in the spring

Of course this is our St. Paddy's risotto but we'll make it again and again all through the first days of summer.
Come over to Turin and learn to master the risotto art! Remember we are the top European rice and producer and our table directly follows the seasons for a healthier and more balanced diet.

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