Tuesday, November 1, 2022

travel tips 2 Turin

10 useful tips about Turin

1. Start your Italian travel from Turin or end it here: Turin has its own airport, TRN - well connected to Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Amsterdam and Madrid where you can connect to and from your international flight.


2. Check what events are going to be held during your visit: there's always something cool going on in Turin and the city can be crowded!

chocofest and luci d'artista

3. If staying more than a week, consider getting a local Italian sim card for your phone, you can buy it at the airport right when you land and in a phone carrier shop.

4. Best days for you Turin visit: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Avoid Monday, Wednesday, Sunday... 

the pinnacle of Mole Antonelliana aka Italian cinema museum

5. Budget your café and restaurant stops 3 times longer than what it would be in the US: enjoy the Italian slower times, this is what you are paying for. 
Don't be in a rush, if you are just have an espresso at the counter and take away your meal.

6. Small vendors and artisans prefer being paid cash 💶

7. Look down for the stumbling stones scattered around the city and up for the strange faces on the façades.

8. Restrooms aren't always clean and readily available in Italy as in other countries, usually you will need to buy something in a café to use their restroom: seize the time when you sit down at a nice place!

9. Sample at least 3 different gelato places, 3 different chocolate producers, cafés and aperitifs: you'll be amazed by our local variety!

traditional gianduiotti chocolates wrapped in gold

10. Turin is a large city for Italian standards, the best way to get to know her is by walking around so plan a week because in just 2 days you won't see much

We have plenty of impressive museums, 3 elegant gallerias and luxury streets to roam.

... and don't worry about the rain, snow or sun: we have over 10km of arcades to shelter you in the most royal way 👑

E-mail Lucia: turinepi@gmail.com
for your 'like a local' walking tour
add a tasting 
and a private class (available online too)
to experience Turin at her best!


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