Thursday, December 1, 2022

The Holidays in Turin

Galleria San Federico

And just like that it is December 2022 and the Holiday season has officially kicked off some time in November when many Italians decided it was time to put up their tannenbaum. By now, the only decoration Turin is still missing is her official Christmas tree that will be placed in the 'royal piazza' in front of the royal palace, where the elephant and the novice were in the summer, on December the 8th
This year the Turin Christmas tree won't be alone as a tiny wood of 20 smaller decorated trees will surround it. They will be out till January 8th, so Befana can enjoy them for a couple more days too.

the Turin's tannenbaum with its tiny Christmas wood will be here

In fact, traditionally, Italians decorate their trees on December 8th and keep it till January 6th when Befana marks the end of the Christmas Holidays and the beginning of the Mardi Gras season or Carnival. But this 2022 is different for many reasons: inflation, the war in Ukraine and the high energy costs are really taking a toll on the wallet and mind of the Italians.

Turin wise we had an amazing November with our many international events: crowds of tourists from all over the world poured in starting on the Halloween break. Our hotels were all booked up, all the restaurants and cafés had a line and the weather allowed us to sit outside and enjoy the sun till about November 15th. And what a different it made to have an Indian summer instead of foggy and humid days!!

the Medieval side of Palazzo Madama where the Savoy queens lived

However, December seems to be following the calendar: cold, humid and this year with limited heating hours and lower indoor temperatures - BUT we are still enjoying gelato and can proudly report we finally have a glorious Sicilian mulberry and raspberry stracciatella this year. Lucia had been craving it for 11 years! We also have a matcha stracciatella but the berry one is definitely a big seasonal hit!

Sicilian mulberry and raspberry choco chip (top) with caramel coated peanut (bottom)

These 2022 Holidays will also be the first ones in 6 years, Turin will have a big New Year's concert in one of her central piazzas. 
The New Year's concert in the piazza is another big Italian tradition: meeting up on December 31st in the main square with all your friends and family, bottles of sparkling wine and welcome the new year singing and dancing under the stars. Covid19 had stolen it from us but the new mayor decided to bring it back.

Moreover, for the whole month of December, all around town, there will be the stalls of the Christmas market and concerts for everyone to love: Christmas classics, gospels, choirs, classical music, movie soundtracks and more!

Besides our must-see museums and castles, lots of new exhibits in our many city's museums have also been set up to entertain you, as well as our royal coffee shops are  ready to provide you with a nice chair to rest on while sipping the most glorious hot chocolate in the world: velvety and dense - beyond anything you will ever savor!

From December 6th to January 5th Turin will host over 70 free events among our city's libraries, magic and street shows for everyone to love.

... needless to add, bicerin and zabajone (recipe here) are always in season and a vin brulé to go makes another a great option to keep your hands and heart warm in our cold December.

... just our average chocolate boutique

Turin is waiting for you!

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