Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Vin Brule'

As it's rather cold, we're starting this week wine posts with Vin Brule' which is similar to mulled wine but different ;)
Vin Brule is the ideal drink to sip while browsing through the Christmas markets

Vin Brule' is a hot spiced wine, the perfect hot drink to sip while visiting the Christmas markets and to alternate to our velvety hot chocolate. 
The key ingredient of vin brule' is a full-bodied wine and by now, you all know how most of the Piedmontese reds are full-bodied wines :D

What is the difference between vin brule' and mulled wine??

Turin Epicurean Capital 2014 facilitator, Paolo Rigiroli author of Quatro fromaggio and other disgraces on the menu wrote a post about it!
Enjoy the post and take a moment to browse through Paolo's blog because it is very interesting and full of recipes, podcasts and articles about food, italian food and food culture!
Naturally, he also included his vin brule' recipe :P

... Just make sure to get a good Piedmontese red when you make it;)

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