Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Christmas brunch in Turin

The December 8th long week-end in Italy marks the beginning of the Christmas celebrations, many people take advantage of it to travel and start their Christmas shopping. As for us, we stayed in Turin and did it again: we took Miss Bee at her word and happily accepted the invitation to her Christmas brunch!

By now, we know that Miss Bee is a great host and a very skilled cook, which is why we refer to her as home chef. She literally puts her heart in her food and always stages her table with passion. As Miss Bee is particularly fond of Christmas she had been designing the menu for weeks and ultimately served us a real full meal, rather than just a simple brunch. 

We started with a delicious cocktail, a reminiscence of Miss Bee's London years: Pimm's with berries, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves and cucumber, that we sipped from a Christmassy straw in cute country style glass jars.
While waiting for our coffees and teas, we started munching on the apple, cinnamon and hazelnut muffins, the berry minced pies and her gourmet artichoke and two goat cheese quiches:P 

Even though it was a rainy day and still pretty warm for this time of the year, the green table run, the nuts and the red candle house, really put us all in the Holiday mood. This is how the quiches finished right away and the muffins got half-gobbled down. And yet the menu was still pretty long!                                                                         Miss Bee took the orders for the eggs while we gobbled down the plain and blueberry pancakes, with syrup and homemade jams. Yes, those were gone very quickly too irrorated by orange and peach juices. The egg chapter included scrambled, Benedict and fried, served on a potato pancake with smoked salmon and bacon!                             A mixed green salad with pecans, blue cheese, cranberries and apples was followed to calm our stomachs before the baked pasta hit the table: cannelloni with radicchio, bacon, pecans and provolone cheese.

everything was so incredibly good some of us just couldn't help taking pictures and instagramming 
The baked pasta was so glorious, many of us just had to go for seconds and then little room was left for the holiday sandwich with turkey and stuffing. Needless to tell you, there was no room left for the French toasts either, and by the time the we made it to this point, three hours had quickly gone by at Miss Bee's feast. 

With our stuffed bellies, we rolled out of Miss Bee's home and finally went Christmas shopping to burn out all we had eaten. Even after a shopping afternoon, walking around the downtown stores, many of us didn't have any room for dinner. We might have had a tiny space for one of these minced pies but helas, they were all gone! 

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