Friday, October 14, 2022

Fall 2022

A Fall Update 

Many things have been going on since the end of the summer: the escalation of the war in Ukraine, 

the 2022 revolution in Iran, 

and the election of the first right wing PM and administration in Italy since WWII.
There must really be some astral conjunction to create these big changes all at the same time!
In addition, the bivalent covid19 vaccine is what regular Italians are being given as a second booster, but as in many countries, people here too are getting tired of the shots and quickly dismiss the infection and its possible consequences. 
As vaccine shots, green pass and facemasks are not required anymore, the Italian anti-vaxxers have officially disappeared too.

one of Lingotto's car ramps is now leading to the vax hub 

In exchange, the fall brought porcini mushrooms and pumpkins back on our tables and despite the steady rising electricity costs, the Turin municipality is getting our Luci D'Artista installations ready for the cold season.

We can't add anything new about Ukraine or Iran, even though we still have many Ukrainian refugees and one of the largest Persian community in Italy, but we can certainly confirm that Giorgia Meloni, our newly elected PM is having a very hard time sorting out her team and prioritizing her line of action. In fact, Italy has so many problems to fix, the unions already got to the streets.

The Italian economy has never recovered from the 2008 economical crisis; inflation and bills are skyrocketing and getting higher every week, but the salaries have stalled and the unemployment rate among  young Italians is one of the worse in the EU.

At the same time, Giorgia Meloni is being closely watched to prevent the worst from happening but... reality is Italian politics is such an intricate tangle no non-Italias can really fully grasp. 
On the plus side though, our winning card is the Italian proverbial political instability and once again, this will be our saving grace when this PM and her administration won't be supported anymore by the parliament in the customary 4 to 6 months - the average of the Italian administration at power since 1948.

Amici, fear no more, we'll vote soon again and all those who voted right-wing will be "surprisingly" disappointed and choose another underdog. Right now though, our top priorities are: making it through the winter without freezing in our homes, with food on our tables and a roof on our heads. At the moment these are the real uncertainties together with the lack of doctors - both in the hospitals and as family doctors who are supposed to manage all the emergencies - technical workers for the industry and the HTM sector. 

Italy needs to switch gear big time because her old fashioned system isn't working anymore. Even renewing an ID or a passport is a challenge because public offices haven't hired enough workers yet.

But our airport TRN are working as usual ๐Ÿ˜

Pedestrian Via Garibaldi in the Roman hood

What can we look forward to then? 

Well, October and November in Turin and Piedmont are BIG months with many events spanning from visual arts to music and food.

Our delish Turin Chocolate festival on October 28 to November 6 in Via Roma and Piazza San Carlo

๐ŸŽฆThe View Conference aka the Turin's Siggraph is on October 16-21  

๐Ÿ’Ž The International White Truffle fair in Alba on October 8 to December 4 

๐ŸŽจ Paratissima on November 2-6 in Turin
๐Ÿ–Œ Artissima On November 4-6 in Turin

๐ŸŽพ Nitto ATP Finals on November 14-21 in Turin

๐Ÿ“ฝ Torino Film Festival on November 25 - December 3

endless exhibits, concerts, cultural events in Turin and food festivals all around Piedmont to celebrate our local seasonal specialties and pair them with our wines.

Despite all the world problems, Turin is still a city that has plenty going on and at a human pace, so you can savor each and everyday you'll spend here.

this was Portici di Carta: indie bookshops' stalls under our arcades

One of our insider's suggestions?

Plan a week in Turin and discover 3 new places everyday during your stay here! 
Everyday, make it a point to visit a new church, have your coffee and gelato in a new place and peek through a new courtyard.

The Theology College of the Turin University

Live Turin like a pair of tailor-made pants that fit you like a second skin and yet look exceptionally elegant.
Fill up your eyes with our beauty, your hearts with our royal atmosphere and your mouths and stomachs with our flavors.

Gift yourselves Turin, you won't regret it and will be craving for more!

For private tours, tastings and private classes available online too, e-mail Lucia:

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