Friday, September 30, 2022

Why Reine loves Turin

This past summer, despite the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, we were lucky to have our friend and Turinepi19 guest Reine back in Turin. So, we took advantage of her presence and asked her why she loves Torino so much and what people can do during their stay.

Reine enjoying her custard filled cube in Piazza Carignano

Having visited Turin multiple times, Reine knows our city pretty well; this year, she decided to also spent some time in one of the Piedmont Unesco World Heritage wine districts. 

While in Turin she planned many activities but most of all, she decided to live the city like a true local: wandering the historical downtown streets and enjoying our local aperitivo rite.

We spent some time together to catch up and add new experiences to her Italian-to-do list like trying the cube filled with vanilla custard and mail a book from a real Italian post office, after buying an envelop separately at a tobacco shop!
We also visited one of the many neighborhood markets and had a delicious dinner around the Porta Palazzo market.

Reine and Lucia in Via Garibaldi

We hope to see Reine in Turin again soon and wish her to write a novel at least partially set here for this is will the key element of her success 😜

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