Tuesday, April 2, 2019

galleria Subalpina

If the number of gallerias could define the cultural level of a city and its flair for art, no doubt Turin would always make the top of the list!

Galleria Subalpina in Piazza Castello

Galleria Subalpina is Turin's second galleria after Galleria Umberto I in the Porta Palazzo market area.
Located in Piazza Castello, it was built in 1873 taking the name of the bank that paid for it. To these days it hosts different businesses and associations, shops, a movie theater, a restaurant, famous Baratti & Milano coffee shop and offices on the first floor.

The main hall is 50m / 55 yd long, 14m /15 yd wide and 18m /20 yd high. On the first floor there is a cast iron balustrade and the roof with its glass and cast iron structure was a symbol of innovation back when this galleria was built.

The galleria you can see today was partly destroyed during the WW2 bombing and it got subsequently renovated according to the original projects. The green space in the middle of the ground floor was also part of the original project, and today you can even enjoy your fusion Piedmontese + Japanese lunch or dinner right there 😋

Some cities have spectacular piazzas, great rooftop bars and famous streets, Turin has all of those plus 3 gorgeous gallerias 😎

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