Friday, July 20, 2018

July in Turin

Here are 5 good reasons to visit Turin in July!

1. The sales!!

shoe designer Manuela Gomez drawing her client's foot

All shopaholics and fashionistas should include Turin in their Italian itinerary at the very beginning of July when the sales season starts! Many famous brands have chosen Turin over the other Italian cities to open their largest stores. Via Roma and Via Lagrange are Turin's luxury streets so: get ready for some serious shopping!
Naturally, you can also shop at the 20+ local indie designers' to get your unique, one of a kind suit, shoes and handmade accessories!
Check out our Fashion Friday section here for some inspiration 😉

2. The piazzas

Summer is the best time in the year to enjoy our many piazzas: from the popular bars of Piazza Vittorio - aka the largest open square in Europe, to cozy Piazza Carignano where you will feel like the king or the very first PM just out of the very first Italian parliament.
Aperitif, gelato, lunch and dinner served at any time of the day, you really could be eating in a new square every day.
Don't forget that Via Sant'Agostino all the way up to Piazza Emanuele Filiberto, in the Porta Palazzo area is full of many nice places for all budgets, and naturally royal Piazza San Carlo... just to name a few places in town.

3. The museums

Mole Antonelliana 

As Italians are not that fond of a/c... museums are the best places to spend the hottest hours of the day. Carefully check out the hours of the amazing Cinema Museum inside Mole Antonelliana, our pride and joy Egyptian Museum with the now largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts in the world, Palazzo Madama where the Savoy queens used to live and MAO or the largest Italian collection of Asian Art.
... and yes, we remind you that on the ground floor of Mole Antonelliana there are many comfy chaise longs where you can nap in the shade and cool 😍

4. Ramasin


Foodies, vegans, vegetarians, lovers of local foods will love these tiny super sweet local plums you can buy only here in Piedmont. Naturally, if you are lucky enough, you can also taste the gelato made with ramasins at L'Essenza del Gelato - most def one of our top artisan gelaterias in town!

5. Peace

Palazzo Madama at the end of Via Garibaldi

Sshh! Don't tell anyone you are headed over to Turin, Italy so you can enjoy a very peaceful and manageable city, still inhabited by real Italians, many of whom spend the week-end at the sea or in the mountains. As Turin is still the best-kept Italian secret, you won't see any tourist groups, but rather just a few families of travelers here and there.

We also want to remind you that many businesses close for the summer vacations between the end of July and the beginning of August. However, for most part of the month, Turin is fully functioning and welcoming!

Saldi means sales!!

Please, check the weather forecasts before coming over to Turin as there can be an unusual heat wave and heavy storms. Climate change is for real and in the last years we have been experiencing hot and stormy summers with early harvests...

Sunshine or rain, Turin keeps up its vidaroyal, enjoy it with us!

Friday, July 13, 2018

St John celebrations

Among the many things Italy is famous in the world fashion, and historical costumes are definitely two.
If you love fashion and its history, if you love Europe because it feels just like a time machine, then Turin is your best destination particularly during the St. John the Baptist Day celebrations.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

TurinEpi18 talk show 3 and dinner

For the third talk show of the fifth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital, food historian Francine Segan directed Kelly Strobel and Alberto Semenzato of Italian At Heart and Clare Reed of Piemonte Dreams.

Lucia Hannau introducing: Alberto Semenzato, Kelly Strobel, Clare Reed and Francine Segan. Photo by Alberto Bonis

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Yoga at TurinEpi18

For the fifth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital we decided to include a power vinyasa yoga class because our Turin's vidaroyal lifestyle includes both our body and soul.

Lucia Hannau and Francine Segan

Saturday, June 30, 2018

TurinEpi18 day 2

The second day of the fifth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital started with a quick tour of the Roman lanes and a coffee stop at Al Bicerin for the ultimate Turin coffee experience!
Our guests took advantage to visit the Bicerin chocolate shop and the beautifully renovated Consolata Sanctuary right in front of the coffee shop.
Then, we proceeded through the Roman lanes toward the Porta Palazzo market aka the largest outdoor market in Europe!
It was an intense foodie morning, the market was busy and full of colors; our guests could see the different sections of the market: produce with the egg stall where you can buy quail, goose and different varieties of Italian hen eggs; the covered deli section with the butchers and 'gastronomia' counters. We then walked through the farmers' section and stopped at the cheese stall of an artisan cheesemonger who makes his own toma cheeses high up in the mountains. Finally, we walked through the clothes section with African and Chinese vendors into the covered fish section.

Chef Marco Giachello and Jan Egan on the left, Andrew Dunne, Clare Reed and Georgie Knaggs on the right

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

TurinEpi18 cooking class

The cooking class of the fifth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital was held at Associazione Culturale Qubi and led by Margherita Frari.
For this cooking class Margherita designed a program based on chocolate as Turin and Piedmont are the chocolate heart of Europe.

Photo by Alberto Bonis