Wednesday, March 23, 2022

almost free

As we are approaching April and May we are starting to see the light at the end of the covid19 tunnel or at least, this is what the Italian government wants us to believe.

Cinzano bubbly wine another Turin brand founded in 1757

Due to the new variant, cases in Italy are going up yet, as promised in January, on April 1st the covid19 national emergency will end, only the MDs will have the vaccination mandate till the end of 2022, three shots won't be required anymore to do many things, like eating out and getting into stores, and we'll be able to start living and eat outdoors without showing our (super) green pass.

As for the 4th shot or 2nd booster, so far only people at risk or with a low immune system have been called to take it, as for everyone else, our epidemiologists claim 'we'll all get infected and therefore, there is no need to take another shot'. Not at least till the fall.

Turin is preparing to receive more tourists thanks to new airport connections and more events. Naturally, we are excited about the 66th edition f the EuroSong on May 10-14 and at the same time, we are preparing for our historical local events like the Book Fair and the Slow Food Terra Madre convention on September 22-26.

Piazza Carlina near Via Po

The war in Ukraine feels both very close and faraway, at the same time. Italy is hosting roughly 60,000 refugees and in Piedmont, we already have about 600 Ukrainian kids in our schools.

As everyone else in the world, we watch our TVs and can't believe we have to witness the war destruction without taking any action. At week 3, of the war some Italians got really scared and started panic buying pasta, flour and gas. Consequently, the Italian government had to regulate the gas price and some grocery stores limited the purchase of certain items. In Italy people are told gas, oil, sunflower oil, fertilizers and wheat will be a problem if the war goes on. 
Those of us who volunteer with humanitarian associations see how the refugees travel with barely what they are wearing and yet, despite this general precarity, there are some optimistic people who are already booking their summer vacations abroad. 
Before covid19, the average Mario would make his summer reservations in January, in February at the latest. Now, it all feels so uncertain, and yet life goes on, the show must go on.

Lent treat: chocolate salami made dark chocolate and digestive cookies

Season 2 of 'An Astrological Guide For Broken Hearts' has just come out to complete the zodiac profiles. Stanley Tucci has decided to delay to April, his season 2 of 'Searching For Italy' with the episode filmed here in Turin

For an extra Russian thrill with our very own royal Turinese flair, you can also enjoy 'The King's Man' with Ralph Fiennes, Stanly Tucci and a bunch of other famous actors. Filmed in Turin and in three of our gorgeous royal palaces: Venaria, Stupinigi and Racconigi, it is now streaming online!

Piazza CLN behind the churches of St Christina and St Carlo Borromeo 

As we are waiting for the next Shonda Rhimes's historic rom-com to be set AND filmed in Turin, we'll be watching 'Bridgerton 2'. At this stage and juncture, 2022 has already given us plenty of surprises and we do feel the need to be soothed and reassured like only our traditional menu can do!

famous meat filled agnolotti our local squared ravioli

... and to be fair, 2022 is the year of the water tiger, where is it? Have you seen the big striped orange kitty? We need to ride it asap to peaceful times! ... We have already prayed some powerful Saints and the angels (Italian class about angelology here).

To add an epicurean experience in Torino and / or a private class also available online, please, e-mail Lucia: 

We'll always be happy to welcome you, amici! Look who visited us in March:

Mei of Turning Red and Lucia of Turinepi
in Art Nouveau Galleria San Federico


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