Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Bridgerton's Turin

Dearest readers,

it has come to the attention of this author that Turin has always been on a Bridgerton's mood since the 10th century at the very least!
Back then of course, not even the Bridgertons were the family we all know today, and the Midland English dialect was emerging over the others and yet... in Turin, in 940, we had already set our local ton that turned royal in 1280. 

Turin's fountains are shaped like a bull

In the 16th century, the first seasons opened with the balls at the Royal Palace, foreign guests were welcomed with savoiardi cookies (yes, those you savor in tiramisu) as a preview of our lifestyle and the Devil had already chosen us has his top vacation destination incognito.

The 18th century is actually when things took off for us, way before the Regency era because, dear reader, as you certainly must be aware of by now, Turin has always been ahead of her times. With a king keen in the most refined epicurean pleasures, first chocolate houses where opened, then vermouth became THE royal aperitif, and many wine and liqueurs productions have their origins in the 1700 Torino.

Piazza Carignano and Palazzo Carignano: Italy's first Parliament

This is also when promenade time around Turin, under her very romantic porticos became a trend everyone took part to, the royal family included, as they used to walk to the Gran Madre cathedral every Sunday!

Via Po on the side of Teatro Regio, our opera house

Thanks to her intellectual and curious nature, Turin has always known how to explore the sciences, the arts, esoterism and technology, offering her residents and visitors the unique experiences we all deserve: from the Winter Olympic Games in 2006 to the 66th edition of the Eurovision in 2022
Have you secured your ticket yet?

From Italian fashion - our modistes have always been the best in Italy - to luscious chocolate, from Fiat cars to the highest quality wines (full bodied reds and sparkling whites!),  from the Opera house to the invention of Italian Cinema, Turin has always been flawless, my dear!

If only Queen Charlotte could pay us a visit, you can rest reassured she'd fall for Palazzo Madama and Villa della Regina and wouldn't go back to the UK anymore! What would Lady Whistledown say?

So readers, you are warned: keep your countenance when like the elves in January you'll be visiting us in Turin and be delighted by our mouth size choux, unexpectedly healthy candies and stylish piazzas full of caf├ęs.

Royal Piazza San Carlo aka Turin's living-room

You'll soon find out how Turin can welcome you royally and upon respecting some basic countenance rules, like not getting drunk in public (disdainful indeed), you'll feel you deserve nothing less!

So, please make haste and remember that if the Featheringtongs may look different and Turin is highly diverse, our very own local Miss Sharma aka Jyothi Aimino is as charming, quick-witted and even more resourceful - if possible at all - that what you can see on Netflix.

Jyothi is a bonne vivante by nature, a lady sommelier, business woman at heart: founder and owner of L'Erm her winery with orchard. She makes a unique Nebbiolo red wine and Erbaluce di Caluso white wine - the fairy tale wine - both traditional of the family's district.

Indian by birth and beauty, Piedmontese by family and education Jyothi is both our diamond and the best blend of two cultures: a real Indian vine grown into Piemonte soil!
... and because we eat with wine, she perfectly expresses her creativity with her great jams that include long forgotten fruits and traditional flavors with an Indian tweak.

Medieval side of Palazzo Madama where the Savoy queens lived

So dear readers, be prepared to be swooned over Turin and once you leave, you'll be burning to return over and over again!

Yours truly,
Lady Turinepi

To live Turin like a Bridgerton or take one of our privates please, e-mail Lucia:

If you are lucky you might also meet Lady Turinepi!

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