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November events in Turin

November is the peak of the Piedmont high tourist season because, even though we are at the very end of the harvest in the wine country districts, in Turin though, there are countless of cool events 🙆

Among our very many exhibits, fests and art appointments, we do really have a very full agenda for many different budgets, tastes and flavors!!
We came up with our top 5 events that have been happening in Turin for so many editions we lost the count. Most are always held in the same part of the month, others unfortunately change every year but they get presented in July so you can sort of plan ahead.

Paratissima and Artissima

(Turin is) Out Of The Time from the 2012 edition

At its very beginning, in 2005, Paratissima was the off edition of Artissima the international contemporary art fair in Turin, After the first few editions though, people were hooked to it as an exhibit of its own organized all around Turin, and involving over 350 artists, both indie and established, such as painters, sculptors, mixed media artists, designers, directors, photographers and many more. 
The interaction with the public is very vibrant thanks to a rich program of workshops, labs and educational spaces. 
If you are into contemporary art, if you make art and if you are curious about the Turin art scene then mark October 31st to November 4th down for the Feeling Different edition in Ex-Caserma La Marmora near Villa della Regina. Paratissima is always 5 days.

If you are into architecture, renovation and the upgrading of urban spaces, you will particularly love this location that has changed from a military base into a co-living, coworking, comaking and art location. Click here for pictures.

Oval Lingotto where Artissima is hosted

Artissima is on November 2nd-4th in Lingotto as usual. Time Is On Our Side is the 25th edition with 195 art galleries from 60 different countries divided into 8 sections, with a new one devoted to contemporary sounds. This is an art fair for galleries and professionals, but also an occasion for the public to check out the beating pulse of contemporary art.
If contemporary art is your passion, whether you are a collector or not, Artissima is always organized at the beginning of November and makes a great excuse to come over to Turin to check it out and then have a glorious meal with white truffles and wine!

Avant Pop @ Club to Club 💃

On November 1st-4th there is the 18th edition of the Club to Club international festival devoted to avant pop music. This edition will be held in many locations around Turin, and the program includes live music, presentations, workshops, exhibits, food and wine events and a totally royal good-bye party at the Royal Palace of Venaria, just like our King used to do back in the 1600/1700s 😎
After all, in Turin we have always known how to throw massive parties and enjoy great music 👌
Check out the program here and keep in mind that some events are FREE leaving you extra money to savor our local great gelato and apericena 😉

CioccolaTO 2018

As chocolate is a favorite of most people around the world, in Turin and Piedmont (ever heard of Nutella and Ferrero Rocher?), it is definitely our pride and joy and we celebrate it with a full festival on November 9th-18th in Turin's living-room aka Piazza San Carlo and Turin's 5th Ave aka Via Roma 😜
Master chocolate-makers will make of Turin the sweetest city on earth for these 10 days of CioccolaTO with over 100 workshops, presentations, artisans, events for young and old with chefs, wine experts and a lot more.
Don't make it a legend, come live it with us 🙆 you can hop on the choco tram for dinner and visit the Gobino chocolate factory in Turin too!!

Sainder the International Rice Salon

Risotto with Barolo by Chef Marco Giachello made for the TurinEpi17 cooking class

Far too often we hear that risotto is only a Milan specialty... well actually it is also one of the staple Piedmont dishes as our region is the top rice producer in Euope 💪
This year to honor our unique rice paddies and their biodiversity, our regional producers, chefs, institutions and designers, basically all the actors that play around risotto, rice and its products, there is Sainder.
On November 16th to 25th in Lingotto there will be the very first International Rice Salon - Sainder in Italian - a comprehensive event for all the rice producers and the agriculture professionals, renewable energies, green architecture, vegan and gluten free food specialists, pet foods, rice based products like make-up, milk, beers, hard liquors, textiles, all the possible pairings with food and drinks and kitchenware.
Economy, sustainability, agriculture, cooking, marketing, tourism, biodiversity, import/export and many more will be the toics of the presentations and forums organized everyday at Sainder.
This is a unique event devoted to rice and risotto for both buyers, retailers but also the general public who'll be able to vote the best risotto among those prepared by the 30 chefs taking part to the Risotto World Championship 😍

Torino Film Festival 

Courtesy of Torino Film Festival 

As Italian cinema was born in Turin, it just makes sense that Turin hosts the Torino Film Festival, its international indie film festival. On November 23rd - December 1st new directors, cinema styles and trends will be presented to the 36th edition of this ever growing festival.
This year's poster celebrates the 100th birthday of Rita Hayworth while the edition itself will honor the Italian cinema director Ermanno Olmi with special presentations, rare documentaries, materials and exhibits.
Within the TFF there will also be Torino Factory a cinema project to involve 8 new directors with their 8 cinema crews, in 8 different Turin's neighborhoods filming in 8 different communities to spark the cinematographic creativity among local filmmakers within our urban reality.
Click here for the TFF program and locations.

Needless to tell you that we also have many other events going on all November long, all around Turin but these are our top picks!
Make of November the month you come over to savor our bicerin coffee while taking advantage of all the things Turin offers you 😎

For private tours, cooking classes and yoga privates, e-mail: turinepi@gmail.com

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