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t-day cranberry risotto

An eyelash bat and the Holidays are here!
This is the Thanksgiving Day week for all our American friends celebrating around the world 🙌
As we are often asked for some menu suggestions, today we are sharing our recipe for our cranberry risotto aka the top risotto for  turkey day 👌

Before we head over to the recipe and the wine pairings, we would like to include a short note about cranberries for all our friends who happen to have access to them but have never really bought or tried them.

As one of the native fruits of North America, cranberries are a vital ingredient of the T-day dinner menu and thanks to their many nutritional properties, they have many good benefits for our bodies.  Fresh and dry, they can be used in a variety of recipes, both sweet and savory. Enjoy this short clip about North American cranberries, reminding you they differ from those grown in the European wetlands.

So for a twist to your traditional Thanksgiving Day menu, you may want to give in and experiment with a true Piedmontese-American risotto that can actually bring everyone to your table, vegans included!


  • 100gr - 1/2 Cup - two handfuls per person + one for the pot is the average Italian portion of rice

possibly shot grain, if you have access to imported Italian rice, that's the best, but otherwise any white or even brown rice will do

  • 1 tablespoon of butter or EVOO for 2 portions
to sauté the rice at the beginning

  • half a glass (for a 2 portion risotto) of white wine; even a lager, pale ale, Pilsner beer or you can dare using a dry hard cider
For white wines, we recommend: Gavi, Arneis, Erbaluce and Favorita from Piedmont because of their minerality, acidity and fruity notes matching the cranberry tartness. ... but a Prosecco, Chardonnay or even any dry (bubbly) one will do too.

This is the quantity to start your risotto

  • vegetable or chicken stock 
half a liter - about 1pt will be enough for 2 portions

  • washed fresh cranberries
a cup for 2-3 portions

  • optional: parmigiano reggiano cheese, heavy whipping cream 
to ultimate the risotto before serving

Prepare the stock; melt 1 tablespoon of butter in the pot and add the rice. Sauté it till the grains are transparent.
Add half a glass of white wine/beer or just enough to cover the rice and let evaporate.
Add the cranberries and enough stock to cover both rice and cranberries and let simmer.
As the stock gets absorbed by the rice, add a ladle or two of stock. Repeat this step till the stock is absorbed and the rice has cooked.
It usually takes about 15 minutes, however, this time will also depend on the rice variety you choose.

Remove from the stove and let rest for 5 minutes.

Optional for your non-vegan guests: stir in a desired amount of Parmesan cheese and add teaspoon of butter or a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream every two portions for extra creaminess.

Remember that the best risotto is creamy, not runny like a soup, like the picture below.

Photo courtesy of  La Gourmerina for lack of access to fresh cranberries in Turin, Italy 

This cranberry risotto will surprise you all for its elegant pink color and tart - almost lemony flavor and it pairs perfectly with your Thanksgiving Day bird, salmon and even with salads.

If like us here in Turin, you have no access to cranberries, but are in blueberry or strawberry season, use them instead of cranberries! Frozen berries will work well too.

Pair your risotto with the same wine, beer, hard cider you used to make your risotto with 😉

Risottos with berries are always a creative option, they are pleasantly tart, with lemon scents and pair perfectly with poultry, pork roast, fish and vegetarian dishes, making virtually everybody at the table happy!

Do you recognize the building on our rice package?

Needless to tell you that season your visit Turin, risotto we can teach you to make 😎 as part of our true vidaroyal life style 😜

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