Thursday, May 22, 2014

WineWed with Favorita DOC

For a change, this week we're talking about a white wine: Favorita DOC, a fresh and fruity wine to keep in mind for the hot summery weather. This wine is the essence of conviviality!
The grape we call Favorita is grown exclusively in the Roero area, in Piedmont and apparently, Ligurian oil merchants brought it here over 300 years ago. 

Favorita is famous for its large grapes and it has locally been a popular table grape for many years. Its name, Favorita or favorite was bestowed as a result of its prowess and esteem as a table grape and not as a wine grape. When it was used for wine, historically, it was blended with Nebbiolo to smooth over some of Nebbiolo's rough edges.

FAVORITA facts:                                                                                                                                            - it's a DOC white wine, dry                                     - produced in 92 municipalities (communes) in the Cuneo province                                                         - color: yellow, amber to greenish                           
- scent: flowery and fruity, delicate citrus and linden   tree flowers                                                  - food pairings: all the traditional regional products     and recipes like cured meats, cheeses, risottos,       meats and even fish!                               - it's better served chilled at 7-9C (44-48F) in an elegant flute ;)

                                                                                   Favorita DOC label

Favorita is a young wine,so take advantage of the dog days of summer and savor it chilled, like Italians do with their aperitivo before dinner, or enjoy a champagne goblet while star gazing ;)                                                                                             Because of its crisp texture and light bubbles, you can enjoy it with crustaceans, white meats, fish, cheese, mushrooms, even with spicy Indian food, vegetable dishes, soups and Asian cuisines!                                                                                                                                              
As it often happens with the wines we talk about, it won't be an easy task to find it outside of Piedmont, sooo... what are you waiting for??? Hop over here to taste it paired with our delicious local foods!

         Favorita DOC

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