Monday, May 26, 2014

Ksenia Skvortsova guest post!

Today we're publishing Ksenia Skvortsova's interesting guest post. Since 2009 Ksenia has been the author of Saffron and Honey which she started while working as a business consultant in London. Her passion for food took her back to New York, where she grew up, and in 2011, she graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education

I was talking to someone the other day about food blogs and building stories, and how many of our journeys, even if they take place all across the world, are strangely similar.
Same as you, I find familiar stories compelling and addictive – be it moving as a student to Paris, following your heart to Berlin, or trying to connect to your grandparents and trace your family roots through old recipe notes.

So many of my experiences of moving, living in different countries, growing up as a ‘third culture kid’ shaped me and inspired my love of food. But I think the major difference, for me, is that instead of cooking to recapture memories, I cooked to create new ones.

Travel is magical in a lot of ways but especially so in terms of understanding relationships with food. 
How else would I know that you shouldn’t drink a cafe' au lait outside the home in France or that Yorkshire rhubarb is grown by candlelight? Or that smelling a pot of strawberry jam cooking in Maine would take me back to perching on a chair in my grandmother’s kitchen in Russia - a memory so early, it could have been forgotten.
Some of my most vivid recollections of people and places come from foods and experiences that we have shared, be they roadside breakfast tacos in Texas or a gorgeous bottle of Jura wine in Cognac. 

The best thing is that when you get home, you can always recapture the smells, the tastes, and the memories in your own kitchen.
And then it is amazing how far you can travel without going anywhere at all. 

Ksenia Skvortsova
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