Sunday, July 25, 2021

a royal tour of Turin

To close this 8th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital we did want to give you a taste of our royal legacy and how we live it nonchalantly on a daily basis.

We are indeed surrounded by art and history, and yet we can't help marveling at what we have!

Follow Lucia in her sample tour starting in Piazza Castello where we have 2 royal palaces: the one for the King or Palazzo Reale and the one for the Queen or Palazzo Madama. Don't underestimate the collections of this last one as you are allowed to the stacks too! 

Look at more pictures and get a sense of what our second edition looked like back in 2015 when we visited Palazzo Madama here.
Our friend and Turinepi19 guest Dr Reine Dugas and her son Jake were soo impressed: read her post here 😍

A foodies and art historians' destination par excellence is Caffé di Palazzo Reale hidden inside the Royal Palace where the library, then the fruit storage and finally just a general storage used to be before its renovation.

This is a peaceful and glam café where you'll be literally immersed in the royal silverware and china. Where else can you sip your latte in such a royal way?

Of course, you'll also get a peek of the Royal Gardens or Giardini Reali so you can see from the outside the royal museum complex - yes, 5 days in Turin will be very few we fear 😢 there's just so much to do and see here!

As Turin is famous for her churches, Lucia leads you inside Real Chiesa di San Lorenzo with its amazing dome and shows from the outside the Duomo di San Lorenzo where the Holy Shroud of Turin is preserved. Piazza San Giovanni where the Duomo is located is connected to the Royal Palace by 2 small tunnels.

And we finally finish where everything started: the Palatine Towers or Porte Palatine or Turin's very own Roman ruins! ... the Romans stopped midway to the UK right here and what started as a short stop-over turned into a love affair that has been going on since Turin's foundation on January 30th of the 9th century BC 💖

You too will fall for Turin, just like the Romans and many intellectuals and celebrities do over and over 😆

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