Friday, July 16, 2021

Miretti's coffee roastery

Turin has always had an old and rooted coffee culture tradition and right in Turin are based many industrial coffee brands, like Lavazza and Vergnano.

From this hot drink comes our local coffee house love and the passion for artisan coffee so for this 8th editon of Turin Epicurean Capital we are sharing with you 'the other side' of Bar Gelateria Miretti, in Corso Matteotti 5, here in Turin.

Besides being a famous and loved gelateria, Miretti has also a nearby tiny coffee roastery 😍 a paradise for all coffee lovers.

They import the best coffee beans from the world's most renowned coffee producers and still use an old machinery that looks like a red train. This machine can toast just a small amount of coffee beans guaranteeing the freshness and superior quality of their own brand Premier Coffee Club.

In this small coffee lab you'll also find a coffee grinder because you can customize your own blend and then choose to bring it home in beans or grinded according to your coffee brewing style of choice.

The Miretti coffee workshop is also the only place in Turin where you can buy the delicious Vietnamese coffee beans to make your ca phe 😜

As the Italian national soccer team won the Eurocup 2020, we are still celebrating and share with all of you, amici who love italiano, the Italian version of this turinepi21 experience.

If you have never enjoyed an artisan coffee cup, you must come to Turin and visit Bar Gelateria Miretti, you'll quickly fall for their blend and will bring it back home as a souvenir!

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