Thursday, May 6, 2021

Turinepi 21

Unbelievably it is already May and travel wise, this summer 2021 doesn't look much different from 2020 despite the fact that all vaccinated travelers will be welcomed to Europe. So far though, there aren't many flights scheduled yet and we don't have specific details yet either about how we will be able travel around. Travel inside Italy will be allowed starting on May 15th but it will take another month to travel inside the EU...
At this stage we already know that many of our guests won't be able to make it over to Turin in June either, so we have an alternative 8th edition in store: different from our usual ones and also from the 7th one on IG.

Piazza San Carlo aka Turin's living-room

In 2020 we simply moved the TurinEpi talks over to our IG account and YouTube channel but this one year of pandemic has taught us we all like to go out and explore because we just can't stay at home any longer, especially when the weather is nice! At the same time there are still some covid 19 restrictions and planning in advance is not possible anymore, especially international travel.

Given our current uncertainties, for 2021 we've thought of giving you a glimpse of our authentic Turin so that you can at least virtually enjoy our city like the locals do daily, and like our guests have enjoyed since 2014!
We'll be filming short episodes in Turin to help you fantasize and visualize your travel over here as soon as you can come. 
As some of our 2020 guests would really love to visit, we'll welcome them whenever they decide to come over, and as usual we'll share our Turin  experiences with you!

toast al prosciutto (ham) e formaggio (cheese)

Amici, if you are thinking of visiting Torino and Piemonte in the next months: more flights will be scheduled starting in June, all our hotels are open as well as our restaurants, coffee shops and gelaterias!

Starting in June the weather will be nice and summery, so expect to do it like the locals do and enjoy the city outdoors, minimizing any covid19 risk.
October and November will also be a good time to visit because our menus include new specialties!
Please, check out: this link about the Italian healthcare service and how to tackle any medical emergencies when traveling to Italy; also watch the video below:

The future looks bright and full of opportunities more than ever and the vaccine does give you access to many possibilities.
Stay tuned and get inspired by our vida royal as we share it on all our online accounts: Turin is always waiting for you 😘

Art Nouveau Galleria Subalpina

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