Thursday, July 6, 2017

Turinepi17 thanks

This very successful fourth edition of Turin Epicurean Capital was made possible thanks to the priceless collaboration of many people. Today, we are taking the time to thank all those who made turinepi17 possible and smoothly organized:

  • Br. Alfredo Centra, director of the De La Salle Collegio San Giuseppe. Br. Centra has been the n.1 turinepi supporter since the very first edition and once again he granted us the use the beautiful De La Salle school theater dating back to 1800. This theater is a real piece of Italian history having seen the Italian king and queen too.

  • FedTo for introducing us to the turinepi partner hotels and the GIA tour guide association.

Without this priceless collaboration Turin Epicurean Capital wouldn't have many guests, nor international reverberation and our guests' experience in Turin wouldn't have been the same.

  • Chef Marco Giachello for hosting this fourth edition cooking class and introducing us to Ms Margherita Frari of Associazione Qubí. Sharing our Piedmont flavors and showing how to make risotto with Barolo was a unique opportunity that we are sure our guests will cherish in the years.
  • Ms Margherita Frari for sharing the turinepi vision, hosting us and suggesting Dott.ssa Lucia Andriolo's sensorial aperitif. Margherita is an amazing chef and knows how to create the most convivial atmosphere.
  • Dott.ssa Lucia Andriolo, SIPNEI president, for preparing such an engaging presentation and directing our senses, both individually and together.  Our brains and minds are just as fascinating as food and she managed to give us a glimpse of their complex mechanisms.
  • Bar Gelateria Miretti for donating their Malvasia sorbet for our sensorial aperitif.
  • Laura Sgarlazzetta, GIA tour guide for leading our walking tour in a 36C/97F sunny afternoon, for sharing the cultural peculiarities of our city and region and our local masterpieces 
  • Simonetta Carbone of Agenzia Carbone Data Stampa - THE turinepi press office for her constant support and dedication since 2014
  • our intern interpreters: Gaia Prunotto, Maria Giulia Sarti, Giulia Schimmenti, Elena Stella for their professionalism.

A big THANK YOU everyone, from the bottom of our hearts 💗


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