Tuesday, July 4, 2017

talk show 3

The third talk show of Turin Epicurean Capital 2017 closed the fourth edition at the peak of an exceptionally hot and humid heat wave.
Carolina Stupino aka Tastes of Carolina hosted the talk show with Patty Boner or Foodie Sneak Peeks and Amanda Courtney of Amanda's Wine Adventures.

Due to the different missions of their blogs and professions, this talk show touched very different topics, from food policy to social media.

Carolina is a journalist who has decided to follow her passion for food and make it her new profession. She is currently working as food educator in the London area to awake the new generations about the importance of food, its origin and benefits.

Carolina Stupino

Patricia Boner started her blog to share her travel with family and friends and it has slowly grown to a small community of loyal followers. She researches before each trip to have an idea about the foods and the things to see but ultimately she looks for authenticity and real flavors. This is one of the many reasons why she fell in love with Turin!

Patricia Boner
Amanda has picked wine education as her professional business after realizing that being a successful artist - making a living out of her work, the way she wants - is very hard. As she has always loved wine, once she moved to the Langhe area she decided to turn her passion into her new job.
She basically leads non-Italian visitors by hand to wine tastings around different wineries highlighting the wine details so that they can fully experience the aromas and qualities of the local wines.

Amanda Courtney
Carolina inquired about Patty's past who told us how she used to be the last one at the table while growing up and how her mom had to start feeding her lunch 1h earlier because it would take her twice as much the time to finish her meal. Coming from a Chinese family where food means bonding, Patty was sort of a disappointment for her family but with the years she has turned into a real foodie who appreciates everything but goat meat and milk. These are the only two foods she just can't have.

Definitely, her family good sense of food has passed on to her because she now is very much into ingredients, cooking methods and specialties.

As for Amanda, picking the wine business was rather a mandatory path as food and wine tourism in Piedmont is growing exponentially and she lives in the Langhe wine district of Piedmont, one of the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

In the future, besides doing wine education, she would like to include food reception to her wine adventures. Her husband, Gianni is a great cook and they would like to open a b&b and a pop-up osteria like restaurant.

Patty said she loves living near Zurich, in a 2500 inhabitant village where people make Pinot Noir and still bake their own bread at home. The lifestyle is very human, people still eat at home a lot and quality of life is very high. She loves cooking and trying new flavors and she posts her recipes on her blog.

While studying in the UK Carolina realized how growing up in Italy had spoiled her because she was used to cook and have access to many good quality ingredients. To her being a food educator is fundamental because how future depends on what we buy and what we eat.

In fact, she teaches kids and teenagers where food is from and how it follows the seasons, how our food choices can impact our environment and consequently our society. Food is not just nutrition is actually much more, as it is a physical journey and at the same time an economic issue.

A very interesting talk show that once again highlighted how food and wine are key in our lives and how our localities' sustainability, economy and politics.

Our morning ended with a nice lunch in the shade and a/c. Amanda chose our bollicine for the customary turinepi toast and it was a rather special rosé: highly aromatic, peach color and such a tiny perlage that it felt ticklish 😂     

The menu had a mainly Piedmontese specialties, home made bread, a long wine carte and varied seasonal dishes.

handchopped raw fassone beef and homemade whole wheat focaccia

tajarin with string beans and pesto

  In case, this is the label of that nice peachy bubbly wine we had

And our day wasn't over yet!!

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