Monday, June 14, 2021


 Just one week to our 8th edition of Turin Epicurean Capital, a second virtual edition but in a new form!

After almost 2 years of pandemic life style we have decided to share with all of you the experiences our guests usually enjoy.
We are posting 6 of our all time favorite Turin style experiences on our IGTVYouTube channel and linked to Facebook and Twitter accounts starting on June 21 2021.
Our clips will be your window over Torino giving you hints about what to include in your future travels over to our città magica or magic city 🔮

We are still waiting for the ultimate technology update to share flavors and scents with you, as soon as it's available for download, be sure, you'll also get a taste of our images.
But still, even then, you'll want to come over and live our vida royal like the Italian royal family who unified the boot in 1861 and who made many culinary staple products of Piedmont, our wider region, into some of the most internationally popular delicacies!

Local professionals, historical businesses, traditional Turinese customs and more are part of this 2nd Covid19 digital edition to allure you over in 2022.

Whenever our 2020 guests can make it over to Turin, we'll naturally include them too as well as a production of new clips in italiano for all of you who love it!

When life gives you grapes, cocoa beans, coffee beans, rice, eggs and herbs, do it like us: make Barolo red wine, Moscato, Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco, gelato and sorbet, espresso, Bicerin, plenty of chocolate, custards like zabajone, tajarin and roasts, risotto and a lot more!

Turin will amaze you and always welcome you, amici!

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