Thursday, April 12, 2018

Turin in April

What does Turin look like in April?



Follow us around Turin on a whole Madame Bovary-style flânerie: walking on the cobblestone covered lanes of the Quadrilatero, under our gorgeous arcades/porticoes to our wide piazzas.
Temperatures are still swinging between humid cold and sunny almost summery but it is already gelato time. 
Remember that aperitif with delicious nibbles, seasonal foods and outstandingly neat architecture are always part of our local scene. After all, this is what makes our lifestyle truly a vidaroyal 🙆

When it rains, we visit a museum or an art gallery. There are always many art exhibits in Turin, some are free like this one about Dolly, the cloned sheep.

As Turin is Europe's chocolate capital, spring often offers a chocolate related event. Above artisan cremino bars in many flavors.

Indie specialty shops and businesses stud the central lanes and streets of Turin. The big brand stores are in the large streets together with the chains. Everybody has fun exploring the old narrow more hidden streets for one of a kind objects, jewelry, clothes, accessories, prints, houseware, food and wine! People in Turin are surprisingly friendly 😜

If, like us, you also enjoy the happy hour or aperitif, around the Porta Palazzo market you can buy all sorts of spirits from sugar cubes soaked in local artisan liquors, to rose and cherry liqueurs, grappas, wines, vermouths, beers, both locally produced (in Piedmont aka Europe's booze capital) and imported.

Spices are super foods, and especially if you can cook when in Turin, pay a visit to Edith Elise at Atelier Madagascar, in Via Della Basilica 1 right behind Porte Palatine. Edith is our very own Mistress of Spices and one of the best kept secrets in town! 
Don't be shy and go peeking in her shop, she is very welcoming and knowledgeable about her spice properties.

As we enjoy walking and peeking through the palazzos' courtyards, sometimes we feel we are magically teleported from Turin to Africa to Asia. After picking up some vanilla extract, who doesn't need a fashionable handmade garment crafted in Italy from the world's highest quality silks, cashmere, wools, brocades and velvets?

Our downtown historic pharmacies deserve a special mention as they are living museums, with their original wooden furniture, glass containers and chemistry equipment.
Get inside and browse, you'll be amazed by the wide range of products you can find in there and by the perfectly preserved decor.

We'd like to remind you that Italian pharmacists are doctors who can speak English and who can easily advise you, should you need any medical help.

If it is one of those warmer days, don't miss out on the opportunity of doing like the locals do and make of the lanes and streets your own dining-room. It might not be summer yet, but keeping your jacket on, you can enjoy sitting outdoors, sipping a campari or enjoying some agnolotti or an asparagus risotto 😋

On the way to a coffee shop or back to your night accommodation, pay attention to the doors! Turin has some of the best doors in Europe 😍 These details will give you a real sense of the local life style and taste.
Unlike many touristy cities, Turin is inhabited by real people and all you see is very authentic and representative of our still under the radar culture!

look for the bull how many can you find in Turin??

Hurry up before the crowds come and enjoy our royal bliss 🙏

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