Thursday, April 5, 2018

3 tips for Turin

Piazza Castello, with Palazzo Madama

Here are 3 simple things to keep in mind when planning your trip over to Turin (and Piedmont).

                                                 Days to avoid in Turin

On Mondays many restaurants, coffee shops and museums are closed
On Wednesdays the food specialty shops are closed as well as Al Bicerin

Always double check the hours of the places you are planning to visit

It's always campari week-end in Turin

Food & Fashion follow the seasons: always!

 If something isn't in fashion or in season you won't find it anywhere!
Turin and Piedmont enjoy 4 distinct seasons: 
- rather cold (humidity is a big factor here) and snowy winters: pack your winter clothes and parkas!
- summers can be fiercely hot and humid but usually these exceptionally hot waves don't last all summer long. Most summers are more than bearable, however keep in mind Italians don't like air conditioning and you won't easily find it here neither.
- rainy and mild falls and springs .... after all Piedmont is the white truffle hub, our vines need mild weather to flourish and  produce our amazing wines and lots of veggies and fruit rotate on our tables every month.

some nibbles before lunch: pastries and savory 'salatini'

Fashion wise: Turin is a lot more understated than Milan but people are still rather well dressed as a form of politeness to the world. Italians enjoy wearing their good clothes and sharing with family and friends their fashion sense.

As Italian fashion was born in Turin, right here you will find many artisans who still make everything by hand: designers, goldsmiths, artists.
High quality materials and craftsmanship make your shopping unique and genuine.

Likewise don't be surprised if restaurant menus reflect the produce you see in our markets. Local and seasonal food have always been our life style.

Shopping in Piedmont

In Turin you will be able to find the major regional products but not all.
There are also many  artisans so your souvenirs and presents will be one of a kind.

Remember that the following Piedmont areas are famous for:
- Biella, up in the north is the European cashmere hub
- Alessandria going southwest, has a famous goldsmith fair in Valenza Po, Bici Bianchi and Borsalino hats are also two brands connected to this area
- the Roero wine district is famous for its orchards so if you visit stock up on preserves and pasta sauces, tapenades and natural spreads
- Vercelli - on the way to the Milano Malpensa airport - is the rice hub of Europe
- the Alpine valleys are famous for their own liquors and cheeses
- the Unesco World Heritage Sites of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are worldly renown for their wines, chocolates, truffles and hazelnuts.

Turin might not be on the top of your Italian destination list yet, but once you make it over here, she will charm you with her wide piazzas, daily markets, trendiest styles and upscale menus!

 After all we are living la vidaroyal, join us!

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