Thursday, April 19, 2018

around Turin

In Turin, locals walk a lot, apparently more than in any other Italian city, and we are often asked why... Well, because we love our city and because walking keeps us fit, and this also answers another common question: do you guys have gelato everyday??

Yes, in Turin some of us have gelato everyday and we aren't scared of putting on weight because we walk it away. Besides, Turin's gelato is healthy and doesn't make you fat 😋

For our friends and followers who haven't been to Turin yet, we are posting today some street things we see when walking downtown.

Piazza San Carlo or Turin's living-room
We naturally enjoy walking under the arcades or porticoes, sunshine or snow, we find shelter and often sit down at a café to do some street fashion watching.

We love looking at our many exceptional doors. We take our local decor so for granted, but in fact Turin is full of surprises: doors, building façades, balconies, terraces. Sometimes it is whole neighborhoods that catch our eyes.
We are lucky indeed because residents do take care of their buildings, in terms of preservation and maintenance, and visitors can enjoy them too, getting a very authentic perspective on our local priorities.

Easy to love these two Bernese mountain dogs 😍
We always look at the dogs. In Turin dogs are very stylish and extremely well-behaved. Many shop owners bring their furry friends to work and it is also very common to see them at the market. Naturally, the best season to do some dog fashion watching is the winter when they all sport great jackets.

Unusual cars always catch our eyes too. Normally it is a red or yellow Ferrari parked in a no parking area, but  we often spot old models driving around like in movies.

SS 2018: sequins galore
We do A LOT of window shopping. Cost of living in Italy is very high and the sales seasons are regulated by the city council; so making a first selection of what we are interested in is super important.

Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana
Italians are very good observers and curious people, so as the sun goes down and the lights in apartments go up, we also enjoy peeking through the windows of the palazzos. It is very interesting to look at the ceilings and the furniture. Many places have gorgeous crystal chandeliers, others have contemporary art lights. 
Dr Seuss would have loved Turin, here he would have found the inspiration to write "Ho the things you can see through a window".

Specialty shops are very interesting too, especially the old one; but the best part is looking at how people move and what they order for aperitivo or dinner. The thrill of being among a big group of noisy friends, or the desperation of having to pick only 1 kind of pasta!

Irish pubs look glam too and some serve great food too!! In fact, they are often an alternative to the sushi night out or the pizzeria.

... and we'd like to remind you that Italians don't get wasted in public because it is not socially acceptable. Also drinking a lot of alcohol in public is considered socially wrong and this is why pubs/bars are serving great food - Italians enjoy eating and drinking well.
Just like for fashion: quality is more important than quantity!

Agnolotti aka Piedmontese ravioli filled and topped with mushrooms

From window peeking to people watching, now you know what the Turin's vidaroyal looks like!
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